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Archive for August 29th, 2015

Reminder! Rose’s Plotting Bootcamp — September 7 through October 2
Saturday, August 29th, 2015
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Click to reserve your spot!


Just pimpin’ the Rose’s Plotting Bootcamp. It starts September 7th, and there are still slots available. Reserving your place is a good idea for a couple of reasons:

1) Ever wanted to know how to write a logline? How to construct a premise statement? What character roles you need to “people” your story with and what function they serve? Why is that important? Ever heard of GMC? And hey, most of you have heard of the Hero’s Journey, but do you know about the Novem plot structure (my favorite and more intuitive, IMHO). And then there’s that scene-by-scene build for your book. Sometimes, it’s helpful to have a coach and cheerleader pushing you until you’ve got that well-structured plot nailed.

2) Sometimes, we need a little brainstorming support. Guess what? I’m very good at reading between the lines of what you mean/want and helping you pluck those ideas just hovering there, not yet fully formed. Want a live conversation to help that process?

I’ve been teaching this process for a long time now. You’ll get a well-seasoned eye, a supportive soundboard, and a kick in the butt to keep you going. But don’t worry. This is a self-paced workshop. Do you have a killer day-job work schedule? You really can complete this course at your own pace, as you find time. I won’t go away before you’re finished.

Both newbie and seasoned authors can benefit. In fact, I’ve had authors run through the course multiple times when they want a sounding board and a structured process before they start their next project.

For many of us, September is the perfect time to start a new project. The kids are back in school. NaNoWriMo is staring us in the face. Want to smash through NaNoWriMo in November? If you have a plan, you’ll fly through those 50,000 words!

Sound intense? It can be. But I provide a nurturing learning environment. And you can’t beat the price. $50 for a month-long class with individualized support. See you there!

To sign up, click on this link: Rose’s Plotting Bootcamp
f you have questions, don’t hesitate to email me at!