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Archive for September 23rd, 2015

Do you love shorties? Stepbrothers? Menage? (Contest)
Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

UPDATE! Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His Boss is live!

* * * * *

WolfinPlainSight600I’ll assume that y’all already know that book #4 in the Night Fall series released yesterday. I hope you love it! And there are more stories coming in the series—Knight Edition and Night Fall on Dark Mountain, and more stories beyond the six I’m revising and re-releasing. The first story I’ll tackle after book #6 will be the mysterious Viper’s story. I left him in a bit of pickle for far too long…

In the meantime, I’m still writing shorties—because I have to! When I’m between stories and feeling like I just don’t have the energy to start another longer project, writing a shorty gives me a kind of creative break. I hope you’ll give them a try.

Today, I uploaded a short story I wrote on Monday (yes, I can write one of these in one or two days!). It’s my latest Stepbrothers Stepping Out short story. So, you know it’s super naughty. It involves a little sexual blackmail, BDSM, voyeurism, menage… And I managed all that in just 6700 words. 🙂 As soon as it’s live, I’ll post the link here. Be watching for it!

As for the contest, the question I’d like answered is in the subject line of this blog! I’ll choose one winner. The prize will be the winner’s choice of any of the stories on the shorties carousel below!

Stepbrothers Stepping Out: With His Boss


“Would you come inside my office, Zoe?”

I’d have recognized that smooth whiskey voice anywhere. My nerves jangled and my breath hitched. I picked up my notepad and a pen and stood, smoothing down the sides of my knee-length skirt. Then I walked to his door and let myself in. His office was huge. Two monitors sat atop his desk, to the side, giving me a view of his upper body and thick dark hair. He was looking downward at an open file.

I took a deep breath to calm myself and strode toward his desk. “Mr. Patterson—”

“Trace, seeing as you had sex in my pool.”

My jaw dropped. His head lifted and his dark gaze narrowed on my expression. Heat filled my cheeks, and I wondered if I was about to be fired.

He waved a hand at the chair pulled close to the front of his desk, and I sat, landing a little hard because my knees gave out.

“Nothing to say?” he said, his voice low and cool.

“I apologize. I hope you won’t think less of Grayson. It was all my idea.”

“I know.” His head canted to the side, and his gaze moved from my face to my white blouse and lower. “Would you like to know how I know?”

Because I didn’t know what the right answer might be, I nodded.

He turned one of the monitors toward me. In the center was a video frame.

With the touch of a button, I watched as I stepped behind the falls, took a seat and then began to strip off my underwear. The resolution was terrific. So good, I could see my taut nipples. Then Grayson arrived and the footage continued to play.

Until that moment, I didn’t realize just how good Gray and I looked together. Neither of us made horrible faces when we made love. The muscles of his broad shoulders flexed, as did those of his buttocks. His pace was quite athletic.

I watched as I pleasured myself , tonguing my own nipples. Watched Grayson watching me, his blue gaze darkening as it trailed down my breasts to my quickly toggling finger.

The video stopped, and I realized not only was my face flushed, but my entire body was hot. I’d grown aroused.

And from the dark glint in Trace’s brown eyes, he knew it.

I swallowed hard then cleared my throat. “I can’t have been the first guest to fuck in your pool.” I nearly died, my tongue getting in front of my brain. I’d never been able to curb it. Especially when I was angry.

The corners of his mouth twitched, then his lips settled into a firm, straight line. “You’re very new. I’ve been looking over your personnel file.”

My gaze darted to the folder. “I know I don’t have much of a resume. Frankly, I was surprised when your company hired me.”

“I like young employees , love the energy,” he said, his voice smooth but not giving a hint of what he was really thinking. “They bring fresh ideas. And I like setting them free to become who they are meant to be.”

I nearly rolled my eyes at that bit of metaphysical crap, but managed to keep my gaze fixed on him. That wasn’t so hard. His strong featured-face was very striking. Not pretty in the least. Overtly masculine. Again, heat flared, settling in my belly. I shifted in my seat. “You aren’t exactly decrepit yourself.”

He flashed a quick smile then gave me another sharp stare. “I like employees who take risks. Who are open to new ideas.”

“I’m just a secretary. I’m not going to redesign a computer operating system.” Good lord, would I ever shut up?

He tapped his finger against the top of his desk. “Tell me about your… brother.”


I know I’m a terrible tease. Just when you were getting to the good part…

Anyways… It’s brand new. Something you can read, in its entirety, while you’re waiting in the doctor’s office, during your lunch break, or right before bed. A smutty little bit of pleasure. And there’s more below!

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