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Archive for October 15th, 2015

Kathy Kulig: Hauntings at Ancient Ruins & Excavations
Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Many ghost stories and hauntings begin in old houses where people have lived and died, often tragically through illness, accident or murder. If you believe in the existence of ghosts or at least accept the possibility, then you must also accept the possibility of their presence in ancient ruins.

If people from ancient times lived and died there, shouldn’t there be ghosts too? Then perhaps archaeologists work at potentially haunted job sites. Do they ‘stir’ up the dead when they do their work to uncover mysteries?

When I did research for my book His Lost Mate, I spoke with an archaeologist who had worked over 30 years in the field and he agreed about the presence of haunted ruins. He spoke of a dig in upstate NY near a river that a colleague of his was on. No one was around, but she heard voices like women and children playing and washing clothes in the river, and men catching fish with spears. She even smelled the fish being smoked over fires. But there were no campfires burning anywhere. Haunted? Or imagination?

Here are a few famous haunted places in the world:

Gettysburg Battlefields – in Pennsylvania. So many died at one time and so many reports of ghosts. A popular spot for ghost hunters.

Aokigahara or Suicide Forest in Japan – many people for unknown reasons commit suicide there. Considered a haunted forest.

Bhangharh Fort– a 16th Century fort in India said to be cursed. It is forbidden to stay there after dark.

Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania – was abandoned in 1971 and is said to have a lot of paranormal activity.

Pennhurst Asylum – another place in Pennsylvania it was opened in 1908 and is now an attraction

Stonehenge – in Wittshire, England is more known for its mysteries and possible powerful energies, but ghosts have also been sited there.

Berry Pomeroy Castle – Devon, England. Pick pretty much any ancient castle and the locals will report a ghostly presence or two.

There are way too many ancient haunted places to list. I’m sure with a little research you could find a haunted place or two in your own neighborhood!

kkhis-lost-mateBlogIn my book, His Lost Mate, such a ghost haunts an ancient pyramid in the jungle. He’s a Mayan shaman. Back in his time, their king was desperate because of a long drought, food was scarce and human sacrifices were made to the storm god in hopes to appease him so the rains would come. This Mayan shaman knew his daughter was next in line to be sacrificed and could not convince the king to spare her. So he begged a warrior to take her out of the city and escape into the jungle to save her. His daughter and this warrior who were lovers were lost and died a tragic death.

Reincarnated hundreds of years in the future, these two lovers have a chance to find each other again. The ghost of the shaman returns to help his daughter because there are new dangers that threaten the couple again. They don’t even know they were the lost lovers from ancient times. But the heroine is now an archaeology student and also a psychic. She’s reliving bits of that life in visions and dreams. The warrior is now the lead archaeologist and professor and doesn’t believe in the esoteric world or ghosts. It’s a little like an Indiana Jones adventure and love story. They have more to overcome than their differing beliefs, while their love life heats up and becomes more passionate, the dangers threatens them and their team. Unless they both discover the secrets in the jungle in time, they could again be lost forever.

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