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Archive for October 24th, 2015

A Craptastic Day…and a Question!
Saturday, October 24th, 2015

I know many of you are dealing with crappy weather at the moment. Hugs to those of you facing flooding or worsening cold. Here in my section of Arkansas, we had a very long, dry summer, but Mother Nature seems to be making up for the drought by dropping a deluge on us now. In addition to the crappy weather here, I have my annual crappy cough. I’ve been sucking down codeine cough syrup and popping Allegras, but I’m still miserable, only now I’m groggy and miserable. Which is why I’m whining now. I’m entitled to, right?

In between napping—a lot—I’m trying to keep up with work, but it’s slow going. Try writing when you’re falling asleep over the keyboard. And try coming up with a decent blog when all you want to talk about is the crappy weather or your crappy cold.

I’d love to know someone’s just as miserable as I am at the moment. Then I won’t feel alone. We can band together and croak¬†toasts with our bottles of codeine. Who’s with me? Are you hating the onset of Fall? Are you listening to the incessant sound of rain hitting your roof? Are you feeling a tickle in your throat?¬†

Oh, and in the middle of this craptastic day, I had to go clean the pool. I rescued a dozen frogs and toads, and lifted net after net of leaves I scraped from the bottom. I sooooo miss being able to dip into the water and let my worries float away…

I miss these days:

frogs 2