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Archive for April 12th, 2016

Desire’s Slave is here…with a little hiccup! (Giveaway)
Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

UPDATE: Amazon completed publishing the corrected version of the book! 

* * * * *


Dear Readers and Friends,

You know when you have so many balls you’re juggling in the air that something has to drop. Well…I dropped a ball. First, my apologies. Next, let me explain.

I accidentally uploaded an in-progress version of Desire’s Slave to Kindle. I didn’t notice it was the wrong version, which still had some errors, until it was too late to fix. Amazon is on it, but they could take days! I uploaded the corrected, final version late last night, and am waiting for it to go live, but again, that could take a while, too!

In the meantime, I’d like to fix this for you. If you pre-ordered the book, or even if you want to order it now, take a look at your story. You will know you have the unfinished version if there is nothing past the last sentence of the story–NOT the About the Author page, NOT a pic of the story that is coming, Planet Desire, and NOT promo for my Cowboys on the Edge series. If you don’t see any of that, you know you have the bad version!

Send me a copy of your receipt for purchase, and I will email you the correct version. Problem solved. And for your trouble, you can choose a short story from my short stories page, and I will send that along as well–my gift to you.

And if you do happen to get the right version, send me a receipt and your free short story choice anyway, because hey, you had to read this!

So, don’t let my snafu stop you from picking up your own copy of the story. Be warned! Desire’s Slave is a sex-fest! So, if you’re not into gratuitous, copious sex between two very highly sexual people, you can skip it! But if you like pure fantasy, set on a planet far, far away, you might just have a blast with this one!

Desire’s Slave

DesiresSlave 600

Love on the edge of the galaxy…

After a fellow convict is murdered on her watch, Calandra Jones escapes the ship of the pirates who liberated the convicts, determined to make it on her own. She doesn’t need anyone and doesn’t want anyone depending her ever again. Just as she’s attempting to arrange passage on another ship headed for a mining colony, she’s abducted by a handsome trader bent on offering her for sale at a potentate’s auction.

Drago Chavez doesn’t understand Calandra’s opposition to his plan. As a concubine or wife to a powerful man, she would be pampered and influential. No woman he’s ever placed has complained about being sold into the arms of a caring owner. Besides, his acquisition of the rebellious beauty is his entrée into a lucrative and exclusive market.

Calandra considers Drago’s goal nothing short of sexual slavery and vows to seduce the trader into changing his mind about offering her for sale. A sensual storm erupts during their desert odyssey that culminates when Calandra is sold, and Drago must decide whether he trusts their love enough to launch a rescue.

Purchase your copy here!