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Layla Chase: On an Escort’s Arm
Sunday, April 17th, 2016

The inspiration for On an Escort’s Arm came, oddly enough, from listening to my grand-nieces and grand-nephew lament about school dances. Now bear with me as I walk you through the convolutions of a writer’s mind. They mentioned hating to walk into one without at least one person either they were to meet inside the entrance or that they walked beside as they greeted the entire group of their peers, some of whom were judgmental to the point of meanness. I remember my own similar feelings from when I was younger.

I don’t write YA so I advanced that person ten years into the future and gave her (in this case) a career she’s good at but one that has kept her somewhat isolated. I searched for a similar situation, still wanting to tap into those insecurities that in some of us never go away. What I decided upon was an awards ceremony where she’s to receive an award for developing a successful computer dating program but (ironically) doesn’t have a man in her life to bring along as a date. Hence, the need to seek a paid escort—the basis for the plot of On An Escort’s Arm.


She hired him for business, he promised pleasure.

Kimbra Wilburt has devoted so much time and energy to her new matchmaking computer program that her social life has withered. Shuddering at the idea of arriving dateless at a business awards dinner, she hires a male escort. But the younger man at her door is sex-on-a-stick and awakens a hunger she hasn’t fed in a long while.

While Dez Renato grows his house restoration business, he hires out as an escort to pay the bills. One look, and he knows exactly what strait-laced Kimbra needs and sets about relaxing her sexual inhibitions. But soon Dez has a tigress on his hands, and he can’t help but wonder if he’s in too deep.

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He extended the forms in her direction. “If you could fill out the last few questions, this part will be finished.”

Remembering the content of those questions she’d left blank, she jumped to her feet and crossed to the bay window overlooking her terraced garden. “This…circumstance is new…and I wasn’t sure how to answer all the specifics.”

Rustling sounded behind her, and she braced. For what? She didn’t know. Large hands rested on her shoulders, his warmth immediately seeping through the fabric to her skin. After the initial shock, she almost swayed. How she missed the physical closeness of a confident male.

“Can’t have a frown marring your pretty face. Let me rub away that tension you’re feeling.” Strong thumbs rubbed along her shoulders and worked up the column of her neck.

Her eyelids drifted shut, and she let her head drop forward. “Mmm, that feels great.” This was special treatment she could get used to.

“At Galaxy, we know the first time may be confusing for clients.” His tone soothed while his hands kneaded. “We’ve discovered a great deal of success with conducting the final interview in person.”

“Do all the interviews come with massages?” The sensation of warm hands against her stiff muscles was heavenly. She envisioned them on other parts of her body, and suddenly her skin flushed with heat.

He chuckled. “Only if a massage will help.”

A nagging thought reminded her—his actions were just part of the company’s services. “I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate what you’re doing.”

“You’d be surprised.”

About the Author

On a dare from a close friend, Layla Chase challenged herself to explore the steamier side of romance and discovered all sorts of characters whose stories needed sharing. Surrounded by acres of mountain forest, she writes contemporary and historical stories about strong personalities who know what they want…or rather, who they want, and set out to get it.

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    This sounds great, Layla–thanks for the peek!

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