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Archive for May 14th, 2016

Binge-Reading… (Contest-2 Winners!)
Saturday, May 14th, 2016

Psst! Real quick. I woke up to see this! Whee!


Anyway, on last Thursday, our house switched our satellite TV companies from Direct TV to Dish. I had very few days’ warning. (We’d wanted to go back to Dish for a while, and when the genie box in the living room went south, we decided not to spend money on getting a Direct repairmen out to fix the problem; we ordered Dish!)

Well, I tend to store of up a seasons’ worth of some of my favorite shows so that I can binge-watch them between books. I had Blacklist, Bones, Grimm, Once Upon a Time, and Supernatural saved. As soon as the Dish move date was made, I began watching my shows, in priority of what I’d regret most not seeing. I made it through Supernatural (God, I love Rowena!), Grimm (Poor Adelind!–can’t believe I’m saying that!), Blacklist (Liz can’t be dead!), but only watched the most recent episode of Bones (what’s bug-guy doing in a wheelchair?!). And that was it. Everything else I’d recorded was gone. 🙁

But the point is, it was kind of fun binge-watching my way through Sam, Dean’s, and Red’s trials and tribulations. For some of you, I imagine weekends are time for binge-reading your way through books. How may of you do that? Comment for a chance to win a free story! Your choice from among these two series…

Click on the memes below if you’d like to start your binge-reading now!


Cains Law meme_800