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Archive for January 14th, 2017

What we do when we’re not writing/reading…
Saturday, January 14th, 2017

Maybe you’re curious about the authors you “hang” with… We must lead these glamorous lives, right? Huh.

Here’s a rundown of a typical day for me.

6:00 — The alarm goes off and I toodle upstairs to relieve my daughter, Kelly, who slept on the couch with her phone alarm going off every two hours to wake her so she can check on my grandma who is still recovering from breaking her back, but who doesn’t think she needs help to the potty (she does!). I sit at the kitchen table and work on whatever portable, paper thing I printed to get a head start on today’s work.

7:30 — I dress grandma and help dad prepare breakfast. Afterwards, I do the dishes and then head to my office to get some work done.

8:30 — I prep my blog, review my emails, get dressed and straighten up.

9:15 — I walk across the road to my dd’s house for a cuppa in the quiet (no kids other than the 3-year-old). We love our time together, so it’s our time to gossip.

10:00 — I begin whatever editing/writing tasks I have planned for the day.

4:00 — I’m done with work. I head over to my dd’s, hang until dinner in the chaos with all her 4 kids. After dinner, we might watch a movie or catch up The Magicians or The Big Bang Theory.

8:00 — I head back home to answer more emails, maybe do some more editing, until my dd comes over at…

10:00 — to stay the night. (She does that 5 days a week, I have one night, and my aunt the other). We hang for an hour, gossiping, checking out celebrity gossip, looking at art or food pins on Pinterest.

And that’s a typical day. Not very glamorous. When my dd has appointments or games or whatever with the kids, I babysit. We take care of each other and the people we love.

And sometimes, we carve out adult time, something fun. Like last night. I organized an art night in my messy, cluttered art room with my mom, dd, and our friend Christi. We ate from cheese and veggie trays while we worked on projects — Christi painted votive candle glasses with alcohol inks; Kelly drew cartoons in her art journal; my mom worked on a watercolor painting; and I cut circles out of an Arizona Green Tea can to make earrings with and painted some dominoes.

Me, Christi and Kelly. Fluorescent lights aren’t very forgiving! LOL

Afterward, Christi, Kelly and I headed to a restaurant in town to drink daiquiris. When I came home later, I worked a little longer on decorating my dominoes…

Something mindless and relaxing, because this morning, I began the cycle again…

So, that’s my glamorous life. What do you do when you’re not writing/reading?