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Adera Orfanelli: When Writing A Serial is Like Watching TV
Monday, January 30th, 2017

I remember watching Star Trek: Voyager when it came out, thinking would this be the week that the crew would be able to return home? Those who have watched the show know it took a few years and many episodes for that to happen, but the weekly adventures of the crew’s journey kept viewers entertained. Growing up in a family that loved soap operas (Young and the Restless ), the episodic form of a television show wasn’t odd to me. From week to week and year to year the Newmans and everyone else had drama and trials, and you always tuned in because who knew what would happen next? (I haven’t watched the show in well over 20 years, but I still recognize some faces and some things never change.)

I like to think my Tobine Chronicles is its own science fiction universe and with each “episode” (each book has 3 chapters) the story deepens and the plot thickens. I’m a big fan of sci fi television, from Star Trek in all its incarnations to Babylon 5 and Crusade, to StarGate in all its forms and then some. There’s something about the weekly episode within an overarching arc. Right now the CW is doing this extremely well with its DC comics shows, Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and of course, Supernatural (which isn’t a part of the DC universe, but I can’t forget the Winchesters.)

As a writer it’s fun, and a challenge, to craft episodes that will keep readers entertained while working to move the story along. And yet, it’s something that I am really enjoying doing, and have plotted the Tobine Chronicles quite a few episodes into the future. A new episode will release every six weeks, so Tenni and her rebellion will have plenty of opportunities to free the people on the planet Tobine.

For fans of good science fiction television, I hope they also enjoy the Tobine Chronicles. Couple that with some drama  and erotic content, and the Tobine Chronicles will hopefully please readers of all kinds. And yes, eventually I’ll give Tenni her happy ending. But then she’ll probably have a whole new set of problems and the chronicles will continue.

Latest Release…

Tobine Chronicles Episode 3

In the battle to save the planet she loves, one woman must discover the truth about her past, and if she has the strength necessary to not just save Tobine–but rule.

Episode Three – As Tenni learns more about the Vilos’ plans, she wants nothing to do with the frog-like creatures. With the slave Kavin, she begins to make plans to escape only to discover that she’s been given a horrible twist of fate.

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About the Author

Adera Orfanelli is a newer alter ego for erotic romance author Mary Winter. She began writing several years ago when she discovered how fun it was to write stories about hot men and adventurous women living and loving in outer space. With the universe to explore, she lets the stars light her way and her imagination play. Now, she sees hot couples everywhere and her stories have moved beyond outer space and into the past, and into our modern day world. Right now, Adera is having fun writing stories her readers will love, and who knows where, or when, she’ll write about next?

She loves to hear from readers and can be reached at Don’t forget to visit her website and sign up for her newsletter where readers receive coupons and specials as well as free stories.