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Archive for March 10th, 2018

Read a sexy excerpt from DAGGER!
Saturday, March 10th, 2018

I hope many of you have bought and are buried in the pages of my second Montana Bounty Hunters story, Dagger. I love this series. I’m hoping you do, too, because I want to write many, many more! I love the takedowns, love the sparring between the main characters. I love the people they work with and meet along the way—like Butler’s mama and Lila from Dagger. I keep thinking about Lila and her firefighter and wonder whether I need to write something to resolve her love life…

Not everything is roses between Dagger and Lacey—and it shouldn’t be or the story would be pretty boring. They have problems from the past to resolve, and they’re both hot-headed as hell. Enjoy the sexy excerpt below. Lacey disobeyed his instructions and put herself in danger, and Dagger doesn’t know whether to spank her or yell at her. Lacey, as always, takes matters, and something of his, in her hands…

Let me know whether you like the idea of more bounty hunters and what you might like to see happen in future stories. ~DD

Excerpt from Dagger

“Thought so. The issue’s just me.” She lifted a finger and pointed it, and then tapped his chest right over his heart. “The problem is you don’t want me as a partner. Well, you can rest assured, I don’t want you either. But now that I know how this job works, I can hire on somewhere else where my skills will be appreciated.”

He snorted. “What skills? The ability to give a bail jumper’s mom a facial? Quick-change artist?”

“I’m damn good talking to people—better than you.” She tapped him again, and his hand snaked out to grab her finger.

In the next breath, he grabbed her waist and pulled her halfway over the console. His mouth slammed against hers.

Lacey tasted blood. She bit his lip and jerked back her head.

His chest rose fast, his nostrils flared.

Without breaking from his gaze, she unclipped her seat belt and climbed over the console to straddle his lap, bumping into the gear shift and the steering wheel. Read the rest of this entry »