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Archive for March 7th, 2018

Lizzie Ashworth: Check out these F*R*E*E Reads!
Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

Hi Delilah Fans!

Great news today—lots of free reads, yours for the taking. These freebies are at Smashwords, Amazon, and Instafreebie. Download any format anytime but for today, the link takes you to Instafreebie. And there’s more free reads than those listed below, so check out Liz’s Author Page for more. Looking forward to your review!

Here’s the rundown (Click on the title at the top!):

Hers to Choose
Cannon Cousins Book I in this newly revised and expanded series

Bryn McClure is running out of time. With foreclosure in the last stages, she’s about to lose the beloved twelve-hundred acre Ozark farm she inherited from her grandparents. Her desperate last hope is to sell hunting rights for deer season.

Alex Cannon is running out of options. His cousin and property development business partner Dan has spiraled into a life-threatening depression. Alex hatches a brilliant idea of what might help Dan, and on advice from an old friend, contacts Bryn. A hunting trip might be the perfect route to a new outlook for Dan, especially with the extra touch Alex wants from Bryn.

When Bryn agrees to Alex’s special request, she’s thrilled not only with the promise of badly needed income, but also with the prospect of sexy kink. Her social life has languished during her lonely year of rural living. It seemed like such a good idea when she agreed to it.

But standing on her porch watching these two gorgeous men climb out of their truck and walk toward her, she thinks maybe she hadn’t fully appreciated how complicated things could become. Alex stuns her with his warmth and charm, but the cold and angry Dan is the one who expects her submission. By the second day, when the first spanking sparks her passions, she realizes she may be in for a lot more than she expected.

Dare to Ask

In this sexy novella, a spur of the moment dare forces a woman to blurt out an invitation to a younger man. Instantly regretful, she wants to drive away and never come back. Worse, he accepts. Now what?

Tess and the New Year
Short story spinoff from the House of Rae series.

When Tess answers her door, the last person she expects to find is Josh Carter. He comes on a mysterious mission. What a way to start the year!

This short story forms a new chapter for Josh and the House of Rae series, a continuing collection of stories that plunge deep into a near-future world of devastated landscapes, religious terrorism, legalized prostitution, and a spreading plague of brown death. Backed by desperate governments, a network of psions organize energy grids to distribute the healing effects of pleasure energy harvested from dance centers and sex houses. But that’s not all that comes to be expected of these native-born Indigos. Slowly the curtain pulls back to reveal dark energy rising from the ground and the dimensional shift that empowers them. Still learning the skills of his mysterious talent, Josh and his brothers in light gain strength from sex. Now it’s Tess’s turn to enjoy what Josh has to offer.

A Gift for Jarrod
Erotic Novella, the opening to the Jarrod Bancroft story

It started innocently enough. A rich young man in search of adventure in sadistic humiliation. An older woman intent on her profession as dominatrix. Their crossed paths should have been six weeks of a purely business relationship.
But things never go as planned.

His Only Love
An Erotic Gay Romance Novella. A spinoff to the Caerwin of Britannia series

As Saturnalia dawns and Rome’s Legio XIV Gemina prepares for the midwinter celebration despite their station on the far western border of Britannia, Greek slave Antius faces the disaster he set in motion involving his beloved master and legion commander, Marcellus. He takes refuge with his young lover even as an intimate betrayal unfolds between trusted friends.