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It’s Saturday, slugabeds! Read a sexy excerpt from REAPER’S RIDE and wake up!
Saturday, April 7th, 2018

Ah, Saturday…

This morning, I did something I rarely do. I slept in. All the way to 7:00! I felt lazy. Hell, I was lazy last night. I had washed my bedding, but didn’t have the energy to make my bed, so I rolled myself up inside a fuzzy blanket and slept on top of the unmade mattress. How many of you have done that? Does it bother you? I was too tired to care. 🙂

First thing I did this morning was make my bed. Then I headed to my office. I still haven’t had a cup of coffee. Who is this person? smh

Anyway, you know I have a new story out. REAPER’S RIDE is a glimpse inside Reaper and Carly’s lives AFTER their story, REAPER. I have to do that sometimes. Revisit characters I love. The trick is to find some conflict that will arise that they can push through. It helps to have plenty of external conflicts occurring around them, in their case—bad guys to hunt down. In this story, Reaper injures himself in the first exciting scene. And he handles it the way a lot of men do. Uh-huh. He ignores the pain, doesn’t want to talk about it, and goes right back out to hunt another douche, so Carly can’t make a fuss. It’s a fun story. Lots of action—hunting those bad guys and between the sheets. Thought you might like one of those sexy-time excerpts to get your Saturday going. Enjoy!

Sexy excerpt! You have to be old enough to read this!

When the door closed him and Carly inside, he didn’t spare a glance for the room. His gaze was on Carly, who walked nonchalantly forward and dropped their bag on the low bench at the foot of the bed.

With a glance over her shoulder, she said, “How’s that shoulder?”

“Throbs.” But someplace else throbbed harder.

“Oh.” She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth. “Need help getting out of those clothes?”

“I’ll manage,” he said, keeping his tone low and even.

Her gaze slowly locked with his, and her pupils expanded. Her nostrils flared. But she turned away, keeping her face in profile. “We should probably rest. This day was really long.”

She watched him. He knew it from the prickle that crawled along his skin. And she was aroused. Reaper might be bruised and aching, but in no way would he rest before he fucked her all the way to heaven.

He toed off his boots then peeled back the Velcro on his sling. He dropped it on the bench then went to work on removing his jeans and boxers. Clumsily, he unbuttoned his shirt with one hand. She still hadn’t moved, but she eyed his dick, which, yeah, was rising. After all their time together, he would’ve thought she’d become inured to the sight, but, as always, she studied its progress.

His dick was on the big side, perfectly in proportion with his large frame—and was her favorite part of his body, although she often said she loved his eyes. Maybe because she thought she ought to like something a little less crass, but he had her number.

When he shrugged out of his shirt, he stood and walked around the bed, pulled back the coverlet and arranged pillows before he sat with his back to the headboard. Reaching for his cock, he gave himself a long, slow tug. “I’m gonna fuck you, Carly. Why aren’t you already out of those clothes?”

She tossed back her head, letting her tawny-brown hair shimmer around her shoulders, and then began to remove her clothing. When her jeans, long-sleeved tee, and underwear joined the pile, she moved without an ounce of grace to the opposite side of the bed. Her movements were jerky. Her breaths rasped.

The scent of her arousal perfumed the air. Damn, she was beautiful. Full-figured. Breasts that filled his big hands. Pretty, rosy tips that were already as hard as pebbles. “Right here,” he said, giving himself another stroke. “I want your pussy sliding over it.”

Her breath gusted. “I love your sweet-talk.”

“Don’t give a shit about how sweet it is. And you know it.” He held out his right hand and gripped her hip as she straddled him. “You’ll be doing all the work.”

Her brows wrinkled. “But I never finish.”

That was a fact. She might get them both hot, but she didn’t have the stamina and much preferred him to roll her over and drive hard toward her core. “Don’t think I can brace myself on both hands. Not yet. You wanna come, then you have to make it happen.”

“Good thing you’re so big.” She centered her sex over the tip of his cock. “I can come quick.” She arched an eyebrow, telling him that if she did, he was on his own.

“Huh.” He reached up and slid his fingers through her silky brown hair to pull her face toward his. “Your pussy,” he whispered against her lips. “Now.”

She acted like she didn’t know where to put her hands. The left settled on his good shoulder, but the right fluttered.

“Rest it on my shoulder, babe. Closer to my neck.” He winced when she did, but he gritted his teeth and didn’t murmur a complaint, because his cock was so thick it felt close to bursting.

Gently gripping his shoulders, she circled her hips, screwing herself down his length, her motions tugging and pushing on his cock, dragging it around. When she was halfway there, she gasped. “God, I love your dick.’

He gave a dirty chuckle. She’d spoken loud enough, he was sure the other couple could hear her exclamation through the wall. He loved how tight and wet she was. How she squeezed all around him, sexy quivering spasms that gripped him like a tight, hot fist. “Faster,” he grumbled.
“I’m in charge. And I want to savor this sensation a second. Wish you knew how it felt. So full, so hard.” Her head fell back as she again swirled her hips.

He guessed he’d have to give her incentive to see things his way. Bending, he took one pretty, pebbled nipple into his mouth and sucked it like a straw. Then he teethed it, jerking back his head to tug before he let it go.

“Again,” she blurted, and her thighs strained as she bobbed deeper down then up.

He rooted at her breast, teasing the tip with flicks of his tongue, before swallowing the nipple and rubbing it. When she pressed against his mouth, he opened his jaws wider and pulled inside as much of her generous breast as he could and sucked.

She bounced on his cock, which jiggled her breasts. He liked the way they felt, shivering against his skin. So, he rubbed his stubble first against one nipple then the other. Emitting moans, she moved faster, and warm liquid showered around his cock. He bent his knees and lifted his hips, moving in opposition to her downward thrusts.

The bed shook. The mattress squeaked. Their groans grew louder. He reached down with his good arm to cup her ass and drove upward, holding still at the top of the thrust, which excited her more. She ground forward and back in little jerks, rubbing her clit against the hairs on his groin. Friction built, so hot he felt it spread outward and upward, creeping across his chest and into his face. He was getting close. His balls were as hard as stone.

Reaper slipped a hand between their bodies, turning it to skim her lower belly. With a rough fingertip, he rubbed her clit, exposed because her pussy stretched around him. One hard rub, and she cried out, her head thrown back again, and her body jouncing on his cock, until her movements slowed.

When she bent to cup his cheeks and plant a soft kiss on his mouth, he felt like a conquering hero. Her gratitude was there in her soft gaze. “I love you,” she whispered.

“Love you, too, babe.” Then he tightened his fingers on one side of her ass and pounded upward, until he felt the explosion rip through him, and come jetted into her slick channel.

When he slowed, she wrapped her arms around his neck and snuggled her face into the corner of his neck, rocking gently against him, prolonging the sweet wave of ecstasy that lapped over them.

At last, his breaths eased to normal. He rubbed his cheek against hers. “Wish we could sleep like this. I like my dick inside you.”

“I like it there, too. How about we roll?” She dragged the pillows from behind his back and lifted her body enough so he could scoot down the bed to lie flat. She followed, keeping their connection. Then, together, they slowly rolled to their sides. Resting on his right shoulder, he clamped her upper thigh between his, making sure he’d stay trapped inside her.

“Do you think they’re doing this, too?” she whispered, scraping his chin with a fingernail.

He smiled. He had no doubt Dagger was busy staking his claim all over Lacey’s petite frame after her performance at the bar. “Yup.” Then he kissed Carly to shut her up. They both needed solid sleep before they tracked down Tyson and brought the bastard to justice.

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  1. Colleen C.
    · April 7th, 2018 at 12:14 pm · Link

    I was awakened early today by a pair of ducks that came to swim in my pool… boy was one of them talkative… would not stop quacking… finally left after one of the cats went to see what they were… interesting morning.
    I love when I can get extra sleep time…

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