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Archive for May 18th, 2018

Victoria Pinder: Bad girls can grow up (Contest)
Friday, May 18th, 2018

My newest release, Forbidden Monsieur, takes the reader to wine country in the South of France and eventually to Paris and features a character from the series, Chelsea Bright, who has done some not mature things against her sister and a man she thought she’d marry when she was twenty-two and fresh out of college. Her sister sent her to Paris for a year to let her mature on her own, and when she returned to Avce, Chelsea slowly accepted her fate.

Once her nephew is born though, Chelsea realizes it would be nice to have a family and not just marry. However, she doesn’t feel she has much of a choice. Her father gambles and puts the family in debt, again. Her mother is a shopaholic who expects Chelsea to marry a rich noble. And unlike her sister, she has no best friend who was an earl and rich to fall in love with. Chelsea checks out all the available nobles and doesn’t see anyone she’d ever want to marry. However, her mother claims to have met the perfect match for Chelsea in Paris. So she agrees to go and impress this Duc.

However her car crashes on a vineyard, and the sexy, Frenchman, Alexandre Travers, who grows wine for a living. He’s not rich or titled, but he lives and believes that anyone can be whatever they want to be. He even believes she should follow her art and not her parents’ wishes. She’s never kissed anyone like him. If she really had a choice, she’d choose Alex.

If you can help me spread the news about my newest release you might win a kindle! The link to the giveaway is on my page or at the end of the page.


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First Kiss Excerpt:

He nodded and twirled her in beat with the song. He let out a sigh. “Chelsea, you’re different than what I thought. I’m sorry your father is sick.”

And she was sorry she couldn’t forget everything and stay right here, with him, forever. She could imagine herself painting outside, setting up a small store to sell arts and crafts to travelers, and perhaps even help Alex find more people to contract his wine with. She shrugged off the fantasy. “You didn’t bet him.”

“Neither did you.” As if that reminder was supposed to help? They stayed moving when the song ended waiting until the next began. The people around them changed places but all she saw was him. “If you didn’t have to marry this Duc, what would you do for yourself?”

Paint. Maybe be brave enough to take Sheena, her old friend from college, up on that offer to show her paintings at local shows in Paris or wherever she wanted. Chelsea stayed in the dance, accepting that her wants were trumped by need. “Doesn’t matter. I have to marry. Thinking about what if doesn’t help.”

He motioned up to the moon and spun her, so she’d get a better view of the bright orb in the sky. “Under the moonlight you can admit your secret dreams. Would you paint?”

A smile graced her lips. Nobody before now had ever seen into her heart and the headiness made her laugh. She ignored how her pulse raced. “I’d love to paint but that’s not happening. I had a chance to have my own showing in Paris next month, but I said no.”

Alex’s expression seemed caring, but that was impossible. How could he? The tone in his voice made her believe in the impossible as he said, “Because of your father?”

Right. Dancing under the moonlight was but a dream. “Because I am going to take care of my family and not talk about this to my sister.”

His gaze narrowed. “Why not? If I had a brother or sister-”

“You don’t get it,” she interrupted. Clarity returned to her mind. “I let Cassidy pay for college and my life until now. She should be done with taking care of any of us. It’s time I step up and do my part. I will ensure my parents are fine and that I’m financially secure without my sister’s money.”

His calloused hands on hers made her more aware of him, even after her declaration. He leaned close. “I wish I could help you.”

Her heart sped up. Alex’s presence made her feel…different. She glanced up at him again and stumbled into him. “Just hold me. Tonight, for once, my problems seem far away and don’t matter. Let’s just have that feeling drive.”

He closed his eyes, going with the flow of the song. The rough of his skin against her made her ache and she went up on her tiptoes.

Then his lips met hers and she was launched into heaven itself. Maybe it was the moonlight or his strong embrace or just his kiss itself, but something inside her set off and she longed to stay just like this, forever.


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