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Debra Parmley: Joy Jars
Friday, January 25th, 2019

JOY. A simple three letter word, which can hold so much. Joy. Every year I choose a word for the year and my word for 2019 is joy. I made this selection and not long afterward saw on Pinterest where someone was making a joy jar.

What is a JOY Jar? It is a jar where you collect joys for each day of the year.

Making a Joy Jar easy to do. Take a jar. Decorate it if you wish, any way you wish. Write down one of your joys onto a paper and place it in the jar. Do this every day. At the end of the year, open the jar and read all the joys you collected in the Joy Jar in that year.

I loved this idea so much that I had to make one. I headed to meet one of my BFF’s for a Joy Jar making, 2019 planner day. I’d been looking for stickers, which said Joy and couldn’t find even one in any of the stories I searched. I was looking for joy and was surprised it wasn’t easier to find. When I arrived at my friend’s house and told her I couldn’t find Joy stickers anywhere, she said I have something I made for you. She went into the other room and came back holding white a red heart she’d knitted for me. It was the perfect thing to glue onto the front of my Joy Jar.

You know how when you buy a new car suddenly you are seeing cars just like it everywhere? Well that is how is has been with me with the word joy. The more I look for it, the more I find it. The word joy has been popping up and I am more aware of my joys each day. What we focus on often increases.

My challenge to you is, make a Joy Jar and start adding to it. See how it enriches your life this year and keep your eyes and ears on the lookout for joy.

One of my joys is writing. I’ve got seventeen books out now in various genres of romance and have many more to share with my readers. If you follow me this year, you are going to be hearing a lot more about my joys and hearing the word joy a lot.

Here are my pages and links to follow. Thank you to Delilah for inviting me to visit and share some joy!

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