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Archive for July 22nd, 2023

Saturday Puzzle-Contest: At the Movies!
Saturday, July 22nd, 2023

UPDATE: The winner is…Anna Marie Flamini!

I couldn’t escape work this morning. I had a small file of edits shipped to me last night, and because I wanted my day cleared for family fun, I rose early to get those out of the way first.

The adults in the family are heading to the movie theater today, a matinee featuring Oppenheimer, the start of our “Barbenheimer” experience. And yes, I broke down and bought the T-shirt, although it won’t arrive in the mail in time for me to wear to either movie.

I’ve been gobbling up interviews with the actors and director of O, reading reviews. The movie sounds amazing, and since I’m already in love with Cillian Murphy, I know I’m going to be blown away. I’m just glad my daughter booked the tickets before she realized it’s three hours long!!!! I’ll be buying a very small drink to go along with my very large popcorn. 🙂

This will be the third movie I’ve seen in a theater since COVID erupted. We like the matinees—fewer people. The theater is nearly an hour away, so it’s always a big deal to go. I’m a movie person. I love film. I love really good movies and really bad movies. Good movies have to “move” me or teach me. Bad movies are for pure entertainment. B-movies are my steady diet. Horror, action, sci-fi. If the movie has a shark in it or a lava-loving tarantula, I’m there. Cocaine Bear is the latest B-movie I’ve seen. What a treasure!

Anyway, that’s going to be the highlight of my day. Three hours with my seat tilted back and my feet propped up, with a large buttery popcorn in my lap while I feast on Cillian Murphy’s gorgeous blue eyes. Envy me. LOL

For a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card, solve the puzzle (you know you want to), then tell me what B-movies you’ve enjoyed recently. I might put them on my “Must See” list!