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Sunday Tarot, Open Contests, and a Something I’m looking forward to!
Sunday, July 23rd, 2023

It’s Sunday and time for me to update my weekly plans so I can make some forward progress on EVERYTHING—work, art, workspace (meaning cleanup!), etc. As is my habit, I pulled a card while thinking about what challenges I may face this week.

And here’s the card.

Pentacles, again! I should sigh with relief after last week’s card, which heralded a possible disaster if I didn’t dedicate myself to getting some things done. What does this card mean?

This being my favorite, most-used deck, I’ve come to trust the depictions in the artwork. Here, we have Daedalus, again. Do you remember him? The father of Icarus who flew too close to the sun that melted his wings? Anyways, Daedalus was a successful man who earned respect and wealth. Here, he’s wearing a golden robe and stands before a pile of gold coins. The grapevines climbing the pedestals also hint at his “plenty.” And that’s as far as I can go with interpreting the card by reading the art, but I get a sense that I should be enjoying the results of my hard work. Which, I am. Yesterday, I took an entire day off to spend time with the family and went to see Oppenheimer.

The history nerd in me (one of my college degrees) loved all three hours of it (I really didn’t note the passage of time), while my daughter and SIL were bored AF. LOL. The “Barbenheimers” dressed in pink with their double-tickets for O and Barbie, were likely very ready for a dose of mindless fun after the heaviness of Nolan’s film. Excellent performances all around. I loved the way he interwove differing timelines, and his use of color-no color to subliminally tell us when we were seeing the events through O’s eyes—brilliant! The bomb shook the movie theater. Anyways, I LOVED it. And it is one I’m glad I saw on the big screen. However, I can see how it wouldn’t be for everyone. I’m just saying, a TON of Oscars should be heading its way.

Anyways, back to the card. I have to consult the book to see what the seven of pentacles is telling me…

From The Mythic Tarot: The nine of pentacles “augurs a period where one may be justifiably pleased with oneself and with what one has been able to achieve.” It also tells me that I have pride and confidence in my ability and that my sense of accomplishment isn’t unearned. Basically, I earned it, I can enjoy it. Well, duh. On Tuesday, we’re seeing Barbie. The faces of the folks who left that theater were all glowing and animated, so my daughter was relieved to know Tuesday’s movie will be more to her liking. 🙂

Open Contests

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  5. Saturday Puzzle-Contest: At the Movies! — Win an Amazon gift card!

Something Fun!

And just for fun, I had to share this. If you didn’t know—I’m a HUGE Star Trek fan, from all the way back in 1966 (I was eight!). I can still remember watching the first episodes on our brand-new color TV! I CANNOT wait for this episode! This Trek series, Strange New Worlds, is just SO MUCH FUN!