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GUNN’S MISSION is here! Gunn and Maddie are waiting for you!
Tuesday, October 17th, 2023

What on earth do polar bears have to do with a Brotherhood Protector’s story? Well, you’ll just have to check out Gunn’s Mission to find out! And there’s more to learn about this unusual mission at the top of the world!

When I began fiddling with an idea for my next BP story, I had to choose an international setting, but you know, I was kind of bored with the same ole-same ole, so I hit upon something I was pretty sure hadn’t been covered in that big world. I think I found it. You can read it as a standalone story, no problem, but you could also pick up copies of the entire Team Eagle series and really immerse yourself in their journeys. There’s also a murder to solve and dangers awaiting our hero and heroine, both natural and unnatural. Plus, you know how cold it can be up there… Sexiness does ensue. Enjoy!!

Gunn’s Mission

Gunn's Mission

After surviving a catastrophic helicopter accident that left him scarred and unable to continue serving on the Teams, former Navy SEAL Gunnar “Gunn” Nielson is settling into life as a Brotherhood Protector in the Yellowstone, Montana, office.

When a request from the U.S. government arrives for a protection detail for someone with extensive cold-weather experience, Gunn, born and raised in Minnesota, is tapped for the job. He soon discovers that he will be the lone protector for a group of scientists working at a research facility on a floating island in the Arctic Ocean.

After discovering that one of her team members was murdered, Facility Chief Maddie Russo is grateful for Gunn’s expertise. Thinking the murder might have been committed by someone trying to interfere with a military-sponsored study, she and Gunn have to keep her team safe as the work continues.

Maddie and Gunn grow closer as the weather turns colder and the threats to the facility and its inhabitants continue.

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