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Archive for February 12th, 2024

MALCOLM releases tonight, but let’s not forget those who came before him… (Contest)
Monday, February 12th, 2024

UPDATE: The winner is…Jennifer Beyer!

Tonight, just after midnight, my latest Dead Horse, Montana, story releases! I can’t believe I’ve reached story #10! I’m thinking about what I want to do next, and yes, there will be a new group, along with some familiar faces who will be there initially to help set up the West Yellowstone office, and then off I’ll go again. Yellowstone will be my third bounty hunter series.

Just as a reminder of what you may have missed in this series, here’s the list…

Every MBH: Dead Horse, MT


Book #1
A former SEAL and MMA fighter, and now newly minted bounty hunter, has to hunt down his first skip…his ex-wife!
Read more about Cage!


Book #2
An ex-Delta Force soldier, now Montana Bounty Hunter, finds himself slipping naturally into protector-mode when a small-town dessert chef is threatened by mysterious attacks.
Read more about Preacher!


Book #3
This former SEAL thought BUD/S training was the challenge of a lifetime until he faced his biggest challenge, teaching a woman who’d never learned trust to trust in them…
Read more about Hardman!

Chase (Montana Bounty Hunters: Dead Horse, MT Book 4)

Book #4
The happily single owner of the only liquor store in Dead Horse, MT needs the biggest, baddest man around, and a certain former Green Beret seems made to order…
Read more about Chase!


Book #5
A lonely, bounty-hunting cowboy looking for one last great adventure may have found it in a girl with serious curves…
Read more about Cowboy!

Eli (Montana Bounty Hunters: Dead Horse, MT Book 6)

Book #6
An ex-SEAL sniper, who has spent his life experiencing everything from a distance, finds his self-imposed solitude challenged by the one woman in the world who might have been made just for him.
Read more about Eli!

Montana Bounty Hunters: Dead Horse

Book #7
An ex-Special Forces bounty hunter has to find a way to repair his friendship with the agency’s prickly tech guru while not falling in love with her…
Read more about Gabriel!


Book #8
An ex-Special Forces bounty hunter, who likes working alone, accepts the challenge of teaching a feisty young woman how to hunt…
Read more about Mica!


Book #9
The games begin when a bounty hunter, who likes working alone, clashes with a cable TV showrunner who’s determined to make him a part of her show…
Read more about Jackson!


Book #10
Two fiercely independent bounty hunters, newly hired by the Montana Bounty Hunters, must learn to trust each other’s abilities as they work together to bring in a dangerous skip.
Read more about Malcolm!


For a chance to win your choice of one of the stories listed above, let me know whether you’d like to see one more MBH: Dead Horse, MT, story. If so, should it be a Christmas story, including all our hunters? Or should it be an entirely new hunter’s story?