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Tracy Reed: The Good Girl (FREE Book!)
Monday, May 23rd, 2022

I am so delighted to be with you today.  A few years ago, I was part of an anthology called Fling.  My contribution to the anthology was a novella entitled THE GOOD GIRL.  An office romance.

A little background on my writing.  I write a very different type of contemporary romance.  The sub-genre is edgy Christian romance.  Please don’t stop reading because I said Christian.  Let me clarify.  I do not write “preachy romance”. I write romance with characters who love God, fashion, hot guys and living out their purpose.  Some are wealthy and some are middle class.  None of them are perfect; they make mistakes and are faced with challenges. What sets them apart is how they handle their challenges.

I have chosen to use faith and sex as two of the elements in my books.  This is where the wide eyes come in.  Yes…I include open-door sex in my books.  I don’t use it for shock, but as the story warrants it.  When I start a series, sometimes the first book is sweet or low heat level.  The deeper the series goes the hotter the heat level becomes.  Some people like my style, and some Christians liken it to erotica.  Trust me, I don’t write erotica, and I’m not judging anyone that does.  Sometimes, I write steamy books.  Although I have a free poetry collection LOVE NOTES that Amazon liked to class as erotic.

Back to THE GOOD GIRL.  The heroine is Gabriella Townsend a young woman with very definite ideas about relationships.  She isn’t ashamed to say she loves God and is patiently saving herself for marriage.  Her boss is the opposite.  Phillippe Marchant is a hot part French and African billionaire with his own opinions on God and intimacy.  He loves God, but he’s not sold out like Gabriella, and he believes in physical intimacy outside of marriage.  The two probably shouldn’t be together, but that’s not what happened.  Let’s be real—I don’t know the woman that can or is willing to resist a hot Frenchman… I know I’m not her.  And if he’s the color of hot black coffee, I’m done.  This is Gabriella’s challenge—should she stick to her beliefs or give in to her urges.  Or will Phillippe reconsider his way of life for something different and possibly greater.

These two thoughts are why this story couldn’t be finished in a novella.  I thought I could finish it with a second book, but that one ended in a cliffhanger as well.  When I wrote the last chapter of part two, I knew what was going to happen…a third book.  I was so convinced I was going to tie up the series, I told my readers there would be no cliffhanger, but that didn’t turn out to be so, because that book ended on a cliff as well.

I like to think these additional books in the series are a perk to being a pantser.  If I were a plotter, I wouldn’t have gone past two maybe three books.  However, my writing style has done something I never expected, turn a twenty thousand plus word novella into a six-book series.  You read that correctly.  I am about to release book five in THE GOOD GIRL series, and just like the other books in the series, it ends with a cliffhanger, opening the door to part six.

The series follows Gabriella and Phillippe’s relationship.  There are some ups and downs and a few surprises. Here’s the main dilemma for this couple, one of them has to give up what they believe if they want to be together.  So does Gabriella turn her back on her beliefs or does Phillippe become celibate?  Here’s a clue: what happens in Anguilla (Part Three) didn’t stay in Anguilla.

I invite you to step into Gabriella and Phillippe’s world by starting with book one. Download your free copy of Part One (FREE DOWNLOAD).

The Good Girl
Part Five

Release date: 06.11.2022

Series: The Good Girl
Part One – The Introduction (Free download)
Part Deux – The First Date
Part Trois – The Elopement
Part Four – Secret Life
Part Five – The Wedding (Preorder)
Part Six – ??

“I’m living the worst kept secret married to a man I didn’t know, but love with all my heart.”

Gabriella is faced with a decision she never expected to make, stay married or walk away from the man she loves. Sometimes love and great sex aren’t enough to make a marriage work but are good for business.

“I wasn’t used to these feelings.  In a matter of months Gabriella had infected my blood.  I was no longer a cocky arrogant boorish man, but a prisoner of love.”



The problem was simple.  I was being thrust into a life I wasn’t sure I could or wanted to handle.  It’s one thing to date or be married to a rich guy.  But this is different.  Phillippe and his family weren’t just rich, they were part of the secret rich.  They were the kind of people who build hospitals, community centers, sponsor the arts, fund research, influence politicians…elect politicians.

When things began to get serious, he told me there were things he couldn’t tell me.  I just had no idea, they included so many zeroes.  I’m not stupid or naive.  I knew Phillippe was well off, but this is way beyond my imagination.  It’s also a world I’m not sure I want to live in.  Sometimes love and great sex aren’t enough to build a marriage on.


I wasn’t used to these feelings.  In a matter of months Gabriella had infected my blood stream.  I wasn’t the same.  I wasn’t a cocky arrogant boorish man.  It’s like that man died the moment I laid eyes on the petite curvy ball of love, I was privileged and honored to call my wife.

I thought about going over to the manor, but I didn’t want to face Mere.  I was ashamed to tell her, I messed up things and may have lost the love of my life.  The other reason I didn’t want to go there was my grandfather.  If he were there I don’t think I’d…in my current state, I couldn’t be sure I wouldn’t do him physical harm.

He was the reason I was in this mess.  If it hadn’t been for him insisting I get married and me being so stubborn, I never would have gotten involved with Gabriella.  Now because of his interference, I may have lost the only woman I will ever love.

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