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Sunday, June 4th, 2023

I struggled for a few months at the end of last year and the beginning of 2023. I wasn’t feeling well, broke a hand. Wasn’t motivated. I missed a couple of releases. One, I’m not sure I’ll ever write. The other, Hard Knox, felt…off. I wasn’t ready to write it because it wasn’t where I needed to start my We Are Dead Horse, MT series. So, I took the hit for Hard Knox and moved on to Mica, which I loved writing. I was back with my bounty hunters in my comfort zone. Only then was I ready to tackle Cold Hard Cash, which became the first book in the new series centered around the “townies.” In Cash’s story, you see plenty of Knox and Carleen who are the stars of Hard Knox. I hope you’ll be ready for them because it’s going to be HAWT! It’s out on pre-order now! AGAIN.

Remember, I have the next bounty hunter book, Jackson, coming out in July! I’m writing that story as we speak, and you know what you get with the hunters—lots of action, humor, and sexiness!

A few days ago, I was also given back the rights to a novella that had appeared in the Men in Uniform anthology, published by Entangled a few years ago. My sister, Elle James, put together a new cover for the book, and now, it’s up for pre-order. If you love Navy SEALs, this story is for you. There’s some military complex criming going on, perpetrated by the heroine’s billionaire ex-fiancé, who’s building some high-tech armor for the battlefield—but you’ll need to read the story to see how it all goes down.

Coming June 27th!

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Coming July 11th!


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Coming September 12th!

Hard Knox

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It’s heeeere! Don’t wait! Get your copy of COLD HARD CASH!
Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023

Just me, cheering because my book is out!

Cold, Hard Cash

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Saturday Puzzle-Contest plus COLD HARD CASH reminder!
Saturday, May 20th, 2023

UPDATE: The winner is…Jennifer Beyer!

Today’s graduation day for LaLa, so I’m squeezing in a blog and then going silent for the rest of the day!

As you probably know, I have the first book in my We Are Dead Horse series releasing on Tuesday. I’m so eager for you to meet Cash and Lila, and see what shenanigans the townsfolk get up to. If you’ve read my latest bounty hunter stories, you know the town is full of eccentric characters.

One plug for my book, and then on to the puzzle!

Pre-order your copy of COLD HARD CASH now!

Cold, Hard Cash

The wealthiest man in Dead Horse, MT, decides it’s time to acquire a wife and gives his eminently efficient personal assistant the task of finding the perfect candidate…

The wealthiest man in Dead Horse, MT, Cash Whitaker, decides it’s time to find a wife before he begins his campaign for mayor. He figures having the right wife will increase his likability as a candidate. Becoming the mayor is important because the office will give him the power to protect his town by cleaning out the bounty hunters, who aren’t “Dead Horse” and have put his town on the map for all the wrong reasons.

Being a busy man and knowing his particular skill set doesn’t lend itself to the task, he decides to give the responsibility of finding a wife to his highly efficient personal assistant. He’ll let her put together a list of suitable candidates for him to sort through to find the woman who will help him on the path to his ultimate goal of becoming the governor of Montana.

Lila Hanson is spitting mad that her boss wants her to find him a wife. The single mom has spent two years becoming his ultimate asset, only to have him completely overlook her as the perfect candidate. When she turns to her girl squad to vent, they suggest a plan to open the clueless man’s eyes to what’s right in front of him.

However, a tragic incident throws both their plans into chaos and brings a new intimacy neither can ignore. Now, they have to work together to save an orphaned child.

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FREE in KU!!
Read the opening here!


Solve the puzzle! It’s a gorgeous landscape, like one you might see if you lived in Dead Horse! Then tell me whether you’ve read my bounty hunters and/or are eager to start this new series for a chance to win a $5 Amazon GC!