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The Flu Bug Bites–and New Amsterdam!
Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

My productivity took a serious hit this week. Saturday I caught the flu. By Monday, I thought the worst was over, even logged onto my email for a while to see what was happening, but the screen swam before my eyes. I took the hint and went back to bed.

The good news is I lost a little weight. Not the way I would recommend, but from someone who’s always battling The Bulge, I like to find those little silver linings in every rainy day. I’m trying to do some light admin today–skimming email for anything I absolutely can’t ignore, paying bills that can’t wait, and readjusting the week’s plans (or rather, pushing off this week’s goals).

I had hoped to finish off a couple short projects this week, but I know my mind’s not really “there” yet.

Another good thing about laying around the house all week is I am caught up on all my TIVO’d movies and series shows. I even caught IDOL last night. Some of those guys can really sing! I love watching Michael Johns, but Jason’s song was really, really nice–and doesn’t the camera love his pretty eyes and skin? David Archuleta can definitely sing, but I’m getting tired of the shy, modest smile. Can’t he just give us a look that says, “Yeah, I know I’m the judges’ favorite to win, so go ahead and bite me?”

I watched the premier of New Amsterdam last night. I want to love it. I want a paranormal show to blow me away. I’ve had so many recent disappointments–the cancellation of Dresden Files (just when I was starting to think the lead was sexy) and the cancellation of Blood Ties (finally, a heroine who really looked like she could kick some serious ass, and not so cute I hate her!). I’m not sure New Amsterdam will make it either, because it was a bit of a snore for me to tell the truth. I wanted more paranormal, a hint of what his purpose is, and that “You will die when you find your own true love” thing was just dumb.

Maybe I’m just feeling grumpy because my morning coffee is starting to burble in my stomach. I should have gone for something a little more gentle to my system, but I want my life back to normal. Hope y’all are staying healthy and happy. ~DD

One comment to “The Flu Bug Bites–and New Amsterdam!”

  1. kimberly kaye terry
    · March 6th, 2008 at 6:31 am · Link

    **kim petting DD**

    Poor baby! Try and rest…cuz I’m gonna come after your booty on Monday, guns blazing, we have work to do, saddle up!! Yes, I know, such a caring friend I am 😉

    And uh, I read that other post of yours. The one about you checking out other websites to see what other authors are doing. What am I going to do with you, DD?! Stop it. Stop it now. And that’s an order. 😉

    Okay, time for me to find my cellphone so I can call you, huh? You know Telly hid it from me. Again. Probably in his favorite hidey spot in the back yard. I swear I can’t convince that dog that my cell is NOT a bone, lol!!



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