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Archive for October 7th, 2008

Day Seven — 30 Days of Giveaways
Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

To celebrate the November 4th release of Alluring Tales 2: Hot Holiday Nights the Allure Authors are giving away LOTS of great books! In case you missed the previous announcement, here’s the link for the contest’s rules: 30 days of Giveaways!

For a chance to win Myla Jacskon’s wonderful e-book, TROUBLE WITH HARRY, post a comment and let me know if you’ve read any of my sister’s books, and if you have, which one!

5 Unicorns from Enchanted in Romance: “I absolutely loved this book! The humor and crazy situations along with the steamy sex are wonderful to read…I’m dying to know what will happen next! Perhaps I can just “wish” for it to happen now.”

5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews: “Trouble with Harry is a fun and funny, magical romp through time…”

4 Stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews: “Trouble with Harry is a rollicking adventure tale with a sexy pair of unlikely lovers reminiscent of romantic adventure movies…fun, sexy and very entertaining.”



In 1924, Harry, an adventurous archeologist, uncovers his greatest discovery–the tomb of the daughter of Shah Azhi “the devil king”, containing the magical stone of Azhi. Legend tells of the stone’s great power to grant wishes. When Harry lays his hands on the prize, he’s sucked into a bottle to sleep for over eighty years.

In the twenty-first century, lonely museum worker, Edie Ragsdale, has been tasked with cataloguing the contents of a sarcophagus. Among the mummified remains of a long-dead princess, Edie finds a bottle. When she brushes away the dust of thousands of years, a naked Harry appears out of thin air. Because she was the one to wake Harry from his long sleep, Edie is able to wish for anything her heart desires and Harry has to grant it. But when her wishes land her on the set of a porn film and the deck of a pirate ship with 100 sex-starved pirates ready to teach her a few lessons on sex, Edie has to rely on handsome Harry to bail her out. Come along for a sexy, rollicking romp and learn why you should be careful what you wish for!


“Step aside. Move yer bloody arses!” A dirty man with blackened teeth, a scraggly beard and breath that could make a camel wretch, pushed a line of equally repulsive men out of the way. Then he leaned into Edie’s face and breathed a putrid stench against her lips. “As the first mate, I have the right to go first.”

The fog and darkness immediately left Edie’s mind. Just like in her dream, she was stripped of her clothing and tied to the main mast of an ancient pirate ship. Around her a hundred bloodthirsty pirates leered, their tongues hanging out of their mouths as if drooling over that twenty-ounce steak Edie thought she’d have to tie around her neck to attract a man. So, she’d been wrong. She could attract a man, or men, just by standing in front of them naked.
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