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Archive for October 15th, 2008

13 days/13 reasons to buy it now!
Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Progress on Dark Realm book

Progress on Lockdown

Tomorrow, I’ll give away the first prize. So remember, you have to post to win!

The heroes in this trio of interconnecting stories are the #1, #2, and #3 reasons you will want to read this book. And I can’t choose which one you would say is first, second, and third, because they are all so different that they will connect with people in different ways. But I’ll start with the man in the very first story.

Brandon Tynan in “Wearing His Brand” is the straight-arrow kind of guy for whom honor and duty are paramount. So, when his best buddy is called away to war, he promises to keep his headstrong little sister out of trouble. Only problem is, Lyssa McDonough doesn’t want Brand to see her as an obligation. She does her best to make his job hard. Take a peek. Be warned! This is explicit!


Brand walked around the front of the truck, rolling down his sleeves. When he’d closed the buttons at the cuffs, he raised his gaze to meet hers through the glass.

An expression transformed his features—something so primal and deeply masculine her whole body clenched.

Maybe tonight’s little drama had been overkill, but she couldn’t regret a moment. Brand had never looked at her like that before.

Like he’d won the right to do whatever he wanted with her.

When he climbed into the cab, the air crackled with tension. He twisted the key, set the truck in gear and hit the gas. The diesel engine growled like a cougar, filling the silence between them.

Several minutes later, Brand drew a deep, tense breath. “Did you like it when he touched you?”

She shot him a glance, wondering how she should answer. Whether she had the courage to ratchet his anger higher. She turned back to stare through the windshield afraid to push him harder. Still, he wasn’t past control.

Clouds obscured the moon and stars, blanketing the wide sky. The twin beams cut a narrow path through the murky darkness.

“Lyss! Did you like it?”

Lyssa cleared her throat and shrugged. “I guess.”

Brand swung the wheel sharply to the right and hit the brakes, sending a spray of gravel to rattle against the mud flaps.

So abrupt was his action, she didn’t have time to think when he slammed open his door and stomped around the truck. Her door jerked open, and steely fingers wrapped around her wrist, yanking her from the truck, straight into his arms.

“You guess?”
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