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Archive for October 10th, 2009

Missed a day…
Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Yesterday morning, I woke up to silence—inside the house anyway. No hum of electricity. No fan swirling the air. Outside a storm raged. The huge old oak in the backyard creaked and groaned with the wind. I heard an occasional pop and crack from branches falling in the woods. The rain came down in sheets. So naturally I had to stand beneath the deck to watch. I was without power for seven hours and missed my daily blog. I had the house to myself. It was supposed to be a productive day. But best laid plans and all…

I hate that I missed a day of writing, and I hate that I missed my daily blog. I made a vow to make an entry every day, however inane—and those of you who stop by often know I’ve kept it…er, about the inane thing…

Anyway, no progress at all yesterday. I’m hoping I can get back on track today, but I’m feeling compelled to clean up. Something about stale air and the fact I didn’t shower. Now the whole house needs a once over before I can sit at my desk without distraction. It’s a sickness, I know. I did read a book, a rather good one. I’ll have to do a review of it soon to tell you what I thought about it. That’s not so inane, huh?

And I did manage to scratch out some notes for the opening of one of those three stories I need to get started. But I also spent some more time thinking about what I really needed to write, and now I’m vacillating about which stories will make up those three. See why I don’t like time on my hands to think?

Thanks to the ladies who stopped by last night to keep me company during my monthly live chat. It’s always fun, and the hour flies.