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Contest: What should happen to DiDi next?
Friday, April 16th, 2010

Today’s horoscope. “You are finding it harder than usual to cope with the outside world—so it’s a good thing your home life is so good for you! Embrace the hearth and get back in the real world in a few days.” I can only do that today, because tomorrow I will be in Little Rock at my RWA chapter meeting.

In the meantime, I need help with a little problem.

If you haven’t read the currently availabe Bad Moon Rising chapters, then now’s the time, because you have to tell me what to write next. This is your story. Give me a hint about what sort of trouble DiDi will find in the next installment.

We left the action with her in the house she inherited with an angry Mason who kissed her silly. When it ended, she looked out at the darkening sky and saw many sets of golden eyes shining from the edge of the forest.

So what happens next? Does Mason take her to dinner and get a chance to talk to the elders about releasing him from his promise of not participating in the full moon orgy? Does he drop her at her motel and leave in huff to confront Bobby Sonnier about his treatment of DiDi? Or does he make an “arrangement” with Bobby? And why can’t Mason participate? Is it only because someone has to keep watch to make sure no one gets hurt? Or did he have someone in his past who was killed and now he doesn’t trust himself and that’s why he committed to being the watchman? And what about any possible sex? Should it happen with Mason before he takes her back into town? After he’s talked to Bobby or the elders? I’m open to any ideas.

Your idea can be something big or small, sexy or not. I’ll take all of your suggestions and think about them, and then come back with a poll and let you vote. And it might be a good idea for you to read the three chapters of the story first!

The contest will end on Sunday, so you have plenty of time to read and think, and you can enter more than once, because I know if you’re anything like me, you’ll write down one suggestion, walk away then be back in a little while because you thought of something else.

The prize will be a $15.00 gift certificate from!

14 comments to “Contest: What should happen to DiDi next?”

  1. Wesley Nichols
    · April 16th, 2010 at 8:15 pm · Link

    Do you think you will have the third lone star lovers story finished by this weekend?

  2. tamibates
    · April 16th, 2010 at 8:30 pm · Link

    let them start a drinking and get drunk,, what i like to do right now <LOL

  3. Fedora
    · April 16th, 2010 at 8:54 pm · Link

    Ooh, I like the idea of him approaching Bobby, but it might be interesting for DiDi to catch him and either flip out or misunderstand what’s happening. Also, I would love to get some more background on why Mason’s not allowed! Is it a role or a choice?? And as for DiDi and Mason, I’d like another tease–where they both clearly really want to jump each other’s bones, but alas! Inconvenient, ill-timed interruption… annoying neighbor? Stray squirrel? Mail delivery? 😀

  4. Delilah
    · April 17th, 2010 at 7:28 am · Link

    Wesley! No, my body shut down after the stress of finishing the book. I slept the week away.

    Tami! Drinking? Maybe a little dancing too?

    Fedora! Thanks so much for the suggestions and questions!

  5. Sherry S.
    · April 17th, 2010 at 8:27 am · Link

    I think that Mason should be allowed to participate in the full moon orgy and he should end up with DiDi. I would love to know why he’s not allowed to. I don’t really care a lot for Bobby he’s to full of himself and I think she has a lot better chemistry with Mason.

  6. Delilah Devlin
    · April 17th, 2010 at 11:02 am · Link

    Sherry! I likes. Mason naked in the moonlight…

  7. tamibates
    · April 17th, 2010 at 12:01 pm · Link

    god i miss dancing, YES to the dancing, dancing is so freeing to the soul and mind

  8. Sasha
    · April 17th, 2010 at 3:12 pm · Link

    I’d like to see someone tell DiDi whats going on. Someone explain the whole marking thing, and the cat thing..and tell her about The Prowl.
    I’d love to see her confused by her own reaction to it. Maybe actually finding the idea of the orgy a turn on, but scared…

    I’d love to see Bobby with her again, but have her end up with Mason so Bobby can have his own story later. *grin* I like him.

  9. Fedora
    · April 17th, 2010 at 5:31 pm · Link

    Ooh, definitely, Sasha! Bobby will absolutely need his own story!! 😀

    Maybe someone completely unexpected needs to explain the orgy to Didi, a nosy but insensitive type. Does she need to wander into the nearest town and run into the local postmistress or equivalent? 🙂

  10. Michele
    · April 17th, 2010 at 6:27 pm · Link

    Of course I want it to be her leading man but knowing his background is important too. I think he should convince the elders he deserves her. Or maybe there should be some type of contest/ competition or something between all the males that want her. Of course our two leading males will end up battleing it out at the end or….. Why can’t she have both of them??? Say she gets the final say after the contest??? Hummmmmm that could be interesting.

  11. Patricia
    · April 17th, 2010 at 8:54 pm · Link

    Tell Didi what is happening. Have Mason be her only one. Kick Bobby to the curb. Let Didi
    know what is with the Panters

  12. Patricia
    · April 17th, 2010 at 8:55 pm · Link

    Do we know if Didi can change

  13. Rasha
    · April 17th, 2010 at 9:11 pm · Link

    The idea of the orgy sounds intriguing so definitely something that involves that. I’d like to see her wind up with Mason too 🙂

  14. Delilah Devlin
    · April 17th, 2010 at 10:30 pm · Link

    Sasha! Terrific ideas! Thanks, hon!!

    Michele! Thanks for adding on to that. Now I have a direction!

    Mason seems to be the odds on fave!

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