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Archive for July 14th, 2010

Guest Blogger: Emma Jay
Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Psst! Yesterday’s contest continues. If you post today, you have two chances to win! ~DD

Note from Emma:

I have a split personality. I write contemporary romance, romantic suspense and historical romance as one name, and erotic romance as Emma Jay. Because I’m a teacher, and thanks to my enthusiastic principal, people know I write romance, and they know my other pseudonym.

I can’t let them know about this side of my life. In fact, very few people do. My husband, but not my son. Some writer friends but not others.

This has resulted in me having a split personality. I have two Twitter accounts, two Blogger accounts and two email accounts. In fact, today I was on the same email loop as both personas. I was getting whiplash changing from one to another! I haven’t actually found a balance yet, and I’m glad to be on summer vacation as I’m trying to work it out. Any suggestions on managing a split personality would be much appreciated! ~ Emma


University teaching assistant Jamie Winston is ready to break out of her shy, unadventurous shell by finally approaching Brady Lane—the sexy Iraqi war vet seated in the front row of her journalism class. He’s brave and outgoing—something Jamie is not—and good looking to boot. Her shy flirtation with Brady at a frat party leads to a deliciously sinful tryst that leaves her wanting more. Each breathless encounter with Brady peels away a layer of Jamie’s insecurity, leaving her more wanton and willing each time. But eventually, all good things must come to an end. When Brady finally leaves for an internship, will Jamie be brave enough to let him go?


He checked the room, then turned to face her. “You think I was playing around about that fantasy? Every time you walk by my seat, I get a hard-on, smelling you.” He leaned in to take a deep breath, then frowned a little. “And you walk by my seat a lot.”

“I thought you were interested in what I was teaching.”

“Oh, yeah. But I’m also trying to see what you look like under those clothes.” His gaze traveled down to her breasts. “This is much better.”

She tilted her head and smiled. “You clearly don’t have much of an imagination.”

“We’ll see what you say about that when I’m done.” He opened another door, looked inside, and gave her hand a gentle tug.

Heart pounding, she tried not to stumble as her feet failed to meet the enthusiasm of the rest of her body. When he closed the door behind them, she attempted to swallow her doubts.

He’d chosen the library, only one small desk lamp illuminating the room. The room smelled of books, then Brady crowded her against the door, filling her with his scent, a spicy soap mixed with the softer yeasty scent of beer.

And he was big, so big. Even in her wedge heels, her nose only reached the middle of his chest as he edged closer. His shoulders blocked the light as his breath washed warm over her skin. Her pulse leapt like a rabbit at her throat as he lowered his mouth to brush over her parted lips, once, twice, before settling over them.

Oh, God. His lips were firm, and molded to hers, learning the shape of her mouth. His tongue teased the entrance of her mouth, then he delved deeper.

She glided her hands up his chest and curled her fingers through his shaggy hair, letting her body slide up his as she opened herself to his kiss, bringing his tongue deeper. God, he was hard everywhere, his shoulders, arms, chest, thighs, cock.

Wow, it was big. She circled her belly against it until he groaned, his fingers tightening on her hips before easing up under her blouse.