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Archive for July 19th, 2010

Hurts like a b@$ch!
Monday, July 19th, 2010

I’m getting a late start today. The weekend was a blast, but sooooo draining. I’ll talk about the barge trip later this week, once I steal photos from Facebook from one of the guys’ pages. For now, I’ll share yesterday’s adventure.

The red-headed hellion and I drove to Little Rock yesterday to a tattoo convention. We made appointments ahead of time with my SIL’s tattoo artist who’s from Des Moines, Joshua Bowers. Kel was getting her 5th. I was adding my 2nd tat. Most of hers are in hidden places, but this time we both wanted something on our wrists. I guess I must be an exhibitionist because I don’t have any hidden tats. I have one on my foot, and since I wear flip-flops everywhere, it’s out there.

Anyway, we got there early before most folks attending had crawled out of bed. Josh was easy to find and very, very nice. K took pics while he was doing mine. I like this one because it looks like he has magic hands (which he does). [Note how tightly I’m gripping that bench?!]

As you can see from K’s face, she’s reached that mythical endorphin high some folks get when they enjoy the process. Or maybe she’s still too dead from Saturday’s long adventure. Either way, she’s going to kill me for this photo! :mrgreen:

I have never experienced that high. It freaking hurt! Ever had a surgeon cut into your skin without benefit of anesthesia? Well, me neither, but it can’t be much worse. Once my arm heals, I’ll take pics of the tatoo. Right now, the skin in still puffy and reddened. But I have a pretty bracelet I never have to take off.

After the convention, we hit Petsmart so I could get a tag made for my rescue dog, Fenris. He’s coming home from training school this week and I don’t want him outside without my telephone number around his neck. But while we were drooling over all the lovely animals, I found this one very agitated, very beautiful betta. Since he had such an nasty attitude, I had to bring him home. He survived the night in his new bowl. I had a blue betta up until he finally passed last year, and I missed Mr. Fish. This lovely fella reminded me of the sea serpents in my Viking book, so I’m calling him Drago.