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Archive for July 20th, 2010

Flashback: Indecent Exposure
Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

If you post a comment today and tomorrow, you’ll be in the running for an autographed copy of this book! I’ll announce a winner on Thursday.

This collection of short stories was a labor of love among friends and was released in November 2008. There’s a little something for everyone in this book.


From the authors of the bestselling ALLURING TALES: AWAKEN THE FANTASY comes a new erotic romance anthology featuring seven super-sexy holiday-themed short stories. Together, the Allure Authors offer more than just steamy romances—they introduce readers to an erotic world full of limitless possibilities.

The holidays are heating up — with seven wickedly sensual stories guaranteed to spice up those chilly winter nights!

A psychology student goes online hoping to live out her steamiest fantasy — and ends up on a hot mystery date with a wickedly imaginative stud who brings out her inner pole-dancer…

A determined lady comes home, burning for her girlhood crush — a sexy lawman who totes a big gun…

A creative ad man’s passion is aroused when he sees his buttoned-up coworker in a revealing new light — dressed in sizzling red satin on a giant billboard…

A professional dominatrix wishes upon a star, and her fantasy appears — an insatiable alpha male in biker boots who’s literally out of this world…

A tall, dark, handsome warlock finds himself obsessed with his “familiar” — a sleek and sexy cat-woman who turns out to be the purr-fect lover…

She was always hot for big brother’s best friend — and now her erotic dream is here in the taut and tempting flesh…

A pair of fugitive lovers finds themselves warm and toasty in a sultry Caribbean paradise — and ready for some red-hot fun in the sun…


Dalton cut his cruiser’s lights as soon as he saw the little red Miata parked in the judge’s driveway. He recognized it as the same sassy little car parked outside the courthouse that morning.

After radioing to the dispatcher, he grabbed his flashlight and headed to the backyard. He had a good idea where their “burglar” would be. Sure enough, as soon as he rounded the corner of the house he found her, arms stretched in a lazy back stroke, her body nicely outlined by the recessed lighting rimming the bottom of the pool.

Flicking off the flashlight, he knelt beside the water and waited patiently for Harmony to finish her lap, enjoying the sight of her sleek, toned frame as she glided to the edge of the pool. Her body hadn’t filled out all that much since high school, but her slender curves were still all woman. Dusky nipples drawn into tight little buds rode the crests of shapely little breasts. He forced his gaze away from the thatch of dark hair between her legs. However much he enjoyed the sight, he had a job to do. Tonight was just one of the perks.

As her hand grabbed the edge of the pavement to stop her momentum, she stared up at him from upside down, a slight defiant smile curving her full lips.

He pointed to the steps. “I’ll wait ‘til you’re dressed.”

Harmony kept floating and her lips pouted. “Sheriff, you sure know how to suck the fun out of a little civil disobedience.”
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