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Archive for August 11th, 2010

Guest Blogger: Lissa Matthews
Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Best Friends…
By Lissa Matthews

Do you remember all the awkwardness of those situations? Especially when break-ups occur. My daughter, she’s 16, has had horrid luck with boys. I mean…were they ALWAYS this fickle? I know it’s always been said that girls are fickle, but dear heavens, I wasn’t and my friends weren’t nearly this wishy-washy when I was in high school as the guys are nowadays. Even the guys weren’t this idiotic. Were they? Maybe they were…

My daughter’s latest guy drama, and believe me, she doesn’t like drama of ANY KIND. No girl drama. And definitely no guy drama. She’s not afraid to tell you to take a hike when she’s had enough. Anyway, the latest guy drama is her ex-boyfriend’s best friend wants to date her. He’s even asked the ex-boyfriend if it would be okay for him to date her. Ex-boyfriend is great with it, but then… of course he is. He’s got a new girlfriend, even though when he broke up with my daughter—over Facebook—he told her there wasn’t another girl, there wasn’t going to be another girl, he just wanted to be on his own for a while… Yeah. Right. Uh huh. How many times did you hear that story when a boyfriend broke up with you? How many times did I hear that story?

Oh, you’re still stuck on the broke up over Facebook comment? Yeah, ya gotta love modern technology and social media. I’m gonna use that in one of my books. I’ve just got to. It’s not because I am using her pain as a jumping off point, but seriously… It’s just too good to pass up. Some anti-hero on a book does that to the heroine… Next, there will be a break up over Twitter, first in a direct message, then in a public message. There’s no tact, no concern for someone’s feelings. It sucks. When it happened to my daughter, it hurt her. Deeply. Made her cry which made me want to drive over to his house and punch him, flatten his car tires, egg and toilet paper his house, among other things… I didn’t. I sat with her as she cried. I cried too.

It’s not just social media though that creates this little bit of…disconcerting distance and inability to communicate effectively, communicate face to face. My cousin was broken up with over text message, another friend broken up with in email. (I have used those in books.) Back in high school, it was done in a note passed from one classmate to another and another and another until it got to you. At school when they have to see you, they can always try to avoid you, but you know how to get them to at least face you, even if you have to make a scene. Now, you can just be put on ignore when they don’t want that confrontation.

I know I always tried to do it face to face, though, it’s harder that way, more painful. But as far as my daughter is concerned though, it should never be cool for the ex’s best friend to go after the ex’s ex-girlfriend. She says it’s awkward. She doesn’t like it. She doesn’t want to be put in the position of having to say yes or no. Friends yes. Dating. Not so much. And she doesn’t want another broken heart. Facebook jerk really hurt her and it took her a while to get over it.

So, did you ever date your ex-boyfriend’s best friend? Did he ever date your best friend? Did your best friend and his best friend ever date? How did you handle those awkward moments? My ex-boyfriend didn’t exactly date my best friend, but they were quite ‘close’. I didn’t handle that well. Not so much with him, but I had serious issues with her for a while after that.

C’mon now, dish y’all!

I have to thank Delilah for having me on her blog. It’s awesome being here.

And now, a little about me… My name is Lissa Matthews and I write kinky contemporary erotic romance. My next release is later this month, on August 24th and is coming from Samhain Publishing. It’s my first shifter and is titled Arctic Shift. It is the first in a 3 novella series, Denali Heat about werebears… Polar Bears. I’ve included the cover and the blurb for it here for you.

Again, thanks to Delilah for having me and to all of you for reading my little post. Have a wonderful week!


She believes in myths…can she believe in destiny?
Denali Heat, Book 1

Unlike her adventurous sister, Ruby is perfectly content to let her mind be the wanderlust while her body stays safely in Chicago. Melanie wouldn’t be out of touch this long without a damned good reason, though. Which means it’s time for a giant step outside her comfort zone.

While Denali National Park is like another planet, the myths and legends that saturate this wild land are right up her alley. The wilderness guide waiting for her—naked in her bed—looks about as safe as a polar bear.

Carson’s people are kin to the great beast, right down to the white hair. Before Ruby ever set foot in Alaska, his inner bear knew that Melanie’s little sister was his mate. He’s doing his level best not to let his primal needs scare her, but everything about her sends his urge to possess her into overdrive.

To his surprise, revealing he’s a shifter only stimulates her innate curiosity. Warming her with the perfect fire of their lovemaking, easy. Convincing her that real love isn’t a myth—and making her want to stay in his home, his bed, his heart—now, that’s a problem…

Warning: cozy flannel PJs, a naked shifter, incredible food and some fireside sex hot enough to melt the polar ice caps…


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