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Archive for August 17th, 2010

Guest Blogger: Cathryn Cade
Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

My husband and I visited a prep school friend of his in San Diego in late July. I fell in love with the white buildings with red tile roofs, palm trees nodding overhead, the old church towers rising on hillsides. And of course the harbor – home to every type of vessel from sailing ships to Navy carriers. I watched surfers and dolphins playing in the waves, beach volleyball games and families on the beaches. Even got to watch my husband on a surfboard—briefly. He’s such a stud-muffin.

I was sure I’d love San Diego, from photos and descriptions. But I was nervous about staying in the beach house of a couple I’d never even met. Would they be glad to have me tagging along? Would I have anything in common with our host’s wife? Would we connect?

My fears were allayed when our host greeted us at the airport, with a big California smile and hug. His wife was just as charming and friendly. She directed us to our room, complete with private bath. And there on the bed were two fluffy white robes—embroidered with our initials!

I felt as if we were at a luxury spa resort. And the feeling lasted as we chatted our way through walks on the beach, tours of local attractions and quiet evenings around the pool. We talked about our children, laughed about the guys’ high school experiences on blind dates and compared notes on how we finally met the right people to truly fall in love, and marry. Mellowed by wine and sunsets, we shared deeper feelings.

On the plane home to the Pacific Northwest, I opened my little Acer to jot down notes and impressions of San Diego. I’ll surely want to set a story there. But I got to thinking. Reading a new author is like going to stay with strangers. You spend your hard-earned money for the trip and hope it will be a grand, positive experience.

I want my stories to be as welcoming to you as that Del Mar beach house was to me. I love reading books by my favorite authors. When they are my hosts, I know I’m guaranteed a certain kind of experience. I’ll be welcomed into their characters’ inner worlds, given a tour of the sights and brought along on a sexy, romantic adventure with thrills and even a few laughs along the way.

I hope when you begin one of my stories, you’ll look forward to the same welcome. And know that as hot and dangerous as the adventure may be, you’ll wind up safe in the arms of love … and happy ever after.

Cathryn Cade


Here’s an excerpt from my new ebook, Prince of Dragons. A shape-shifting prince travels the galaxy to find a virgin bride, but falls instead for a beautiful warrior famed for her seductiveness. He will fight beside her to protect the spaceship Orion from deadly saboteurs, but can he convince her that he is the one man for her?

… Unable to sleep, Sirena had just stepped out of the shower-dry and belted on her flame silk robe when she heard musical laughter out in the corridor. It sounded familiar.

“Holo-cam on,” she commanded. “Passageway.”

She stood stock still, rage burning inside her as she saw the image that sprang up. Two of the Aquarian princesses were just coming out of Slyde Stone’s room. One was patting her tousled hair, the other fastening her robe.

“Thank you, Commander.” One of them giggled. “That was lovely.”

“Yes,” the other added. “We hope you enjoyed it too.”

Sirena’s eyes narrowed dangerously. He was grinning like a fool, his uniform was unfastened halfway down his broad chest and his short hair was tousled, as if someone—or two someones—had been running their fingers through it.
“Thank you, ladies. My compliments on your treat. I’ll take care of cleaning everything up.”

Why, the sneaking, slithering bastard. He had lied to her so completely, so thoroughly. She had actually swallowed his tale of waiting in solitude for her.

She waited until the two had rustled away and then snapped open her hatchway.

Slyde looked over at her, still smiling a little, until he saw the look on her face.

“What is it?” he asked.
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