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Archive for August 25th, 2010

Sharing Simple Delights
Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Be sure to post today for a second chance to win yesterday’s prize! I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!

I was supposed to have a guest blogger here today, but she forgot to mail me stuff. So here I am—wondering what I should do with today’s posting. I could talk about the pool, talk about my dogs, my new dragons, slap another excerpt up here, but I do like to change things up a bit so that you (AND I) don’t get terribly bored.

While I was in Canada, Sasha and I hit a bookstore. I know, so cliché, right? Anyway, we were looking at those mini-books in the racks at the front. You know the ones that are usually dedicated to Mom, to Irish limericks, to living the bountiful life.

Well, I found a couple of little books that I think I can have fun with here if I use them as topics to start a conversation. The one I’m looking at this morning is The Woman’s Book of Simple Delights. It has suggestions like:

* Wear your absolute greatest pair of shoes even if they are out of season
* Dress up and try on expensive jewelry at Tiffany’s

I thought we might have some fun sharing some of our own Simple Delights. So here go a couple of my special things I like to do:

* I don’t dress up, but I go to my local jewelers. They know me by name now. I like to try on everything in the store, and usually have at least one nice item on lay-away.
* I go for a morning swim when the air is cooler than the temperature of the pool. Very refreshing and sensual. The perfect way to start my day.

So how about you? What are your simple pleasures. Hmmm…if we came up with enough, we could write our own little miniature book of Simple Delights!