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Archive for April 10th, 2011

Guest Blogger: Cathryn Cade
Sunday, April 10th, 2011

The big book expo was yesterday. Had a great time. I loved chatting with the folks who brought their dog-eared copies of my books, their Kindle covers, and their bookplates for me to sign. It made the whole week worthwhile. I’m flying back to Arkansas today, so I’ll be right back here tomorrow! In the meantime, give a warm welcome to Cathryn! ~DD

Aloha from Hawaii. My husband and I are vacationing on the Big Island—the one with the active volcano. Sadly for my dreams of watching molten lava flow into the turqouise sea, Kilauea is currently…not active.

However, today we drove up from the sunny, warm seashore high into the cool, misty clouds of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. With other tourists from all over the world, we viewed the huge caldera, with sulphurous steam venting from a crater and from the ground all around the park observatory.

We drove down from the 4,000 foot summit to the wind-whipped south-east shore of Hawaii, where just last month, pahoehoe lava flowed down and hardened into black sheets like so much icing, covering mountainsides, verdant forests and even highways before it cascaded into the sea.

It happened. I was not there to see it. But, through the magic of video, maps, diagrams and dioramas that the Park Service does so very well, I was still able to experience the thrill. And I learned about the history of Hawaii, both geologic and how the people who settled here wove the volcanoes into their folklore and religion. The goddess Pele watches over her islands with a loving, jealous heart.

And, sigh…I suppose it’s safer this way. There are only so many roads on this gorgeous island, and I feel for the people who have lost their homes to the fury of Pele’s fire. So, if she chooses to stay her hand, I’ll enjoy the grandeur of her handiwork safely cooled.

And hang out at the beach. Snorkeling tomorrow! I have a date with a handsome husband, lots of tropical fishes and a turtle or two, out on the reef.

Mahalo to Delilah for letting me stop by,
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