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Archive for April 19th, 2011

Brand New Contest!
Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

I love to shop. Not for clothes or shoes or groceries. My thrills come from acquiring jewelry (junky and fine), office supplies (I know there’s a fetish in there somewhere), and anything of a medieval or paranormal bent. Which is precisely why I own two large jewelry boxes, why one wall of my office is crammed floor-to-ceiling with every imaginable office machine, stacks of notebooks and Post-its, and why the rest of my office has figurines and pictures of dragons, fairies, and knights cluttering up every surface.

My obsession has led to my friendship with a woman who owns a tiny specialty shop in town. She keeps an eye out for things she knows I’ll dig. This week, I came home with a grocery bag full of things I bought just to share with you. I had to have them all, but I have no where to store them. So I figure that if I offer one contest a week for some really random prizes that you might poke your head in the door pretty often to see what’s up, and I’ll have found a use for SOMETHING I’ve bought!

Here’s this week’s prize:

The journal is covered in a short velveteen; the pages are a nice thick stock; and the image is one of two female fairies, one light and one dark, the tips of their wings interwoven. Very pretty. And very, very hard for me give up because I want it!

What do you have to do to win? Just post comments wherever I am blogging—this includes my daily blogposts that show up on Facebook. The more times you post, the better your chances to walk away with this lovely journal.

So, post a comment here and you’re entered. Come visit me at Everything Erotic where I’ve posted a short story and you have a second chance! This contest will end next Tuesday when I’ll reach into my bag for the next random prize. Good luck!