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Archive for April 18th, 2011

A Cluttered Mind
Monday, April 18th, 2011

Today, I’m hoping that I can unclutter my office and my mind.

I have a housekeeper coming to clean my place. Does that sound like the height of decadence? It is. But she’s inexpensive and a lot more thorough than I am, and when she’s done, somehow, it feels cleaner than if I did the work myself. While she runs the Hoover and mops, I’ll be decluttering my desk.

Not that I’ll give up a single dragon or fairy figurine, or King Kong hugging his NY skyscraper, or my Cinderalla and Sleeping Beauty Pez dispensers. Those aren’t clutter. They’re friends. Along with the small stuffed unicorn and carved stone alligator, frog, bear, wolf and elephant, they are things I can hold in my palm and caress when I’m running into trouble with my WIP (Work in Progress). When I stroke a thumb across their surfaces, they unlock dreams like a genie’s lamp.

The decluttering has to do with the stacks of papers I have laying on every surface—on the desk, the file cabinet, the printer—yes, even on the floor. I’ve been sick and have let more stack up than usual because I haven’t been able to concentrate. But no more excuses. I have to attack the stacks, then settle down to write some pages. I have books due. I’m late. Feel free to nag!

And woot! Riding a little high this morning. A reader plopped a brand new review up on Amazon for Pleasing Sir. “…It’s not Romance, though you will feel the pinch of love and desire found in some of the best of contemporary romances. This is erotica at it’s finest. There is a difference, and Delilah is the master and making that clear.

And if you’re inclined to hop to another blog today, I have a post on another site about my two April releases, Handy Men and Moonstruck. I’d love a comment or two or even just a wave so I don’t look like a loser. 🙂

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