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Guest Blogger: Desiree Holt
Thursday, August 25th, 2011

I look at the places my life has taken me and hope that I was smart enough to enjoy them all while I was there. I had great experiences working as a reporter for weekly newspapers, covering everything from local political meetings, to the trial of a man who shot his wife because she wrecked his car. I once did a tour of thirty stores in one day interviewing Santa Claus. It’s a good thing I didn’t wreck my car! I’ve things both sane and insane, like promoting the opening of a shopping center by sending people up in hot air balloons and stopping traffic for four miles in every directions.

But I think the real richness of my life came from my years managing rock bands.

Rock musicians are a breed unto themselves. The music is their life, and one of their first goals is to be able to move their practice sessions from someone’s garage to a real practice studio. Sometimes they’re lucky and they get to practice far enough out of civilization that only the cows and horses can comment. Other times the poor manager gets to field phone calls from neighbors and—if you’re not lucky—the police, about that “awful sounding stuff”. But wherever they practice, it’s all about the music.

The sound.

Their sound.

And the music is great. It’s good. It’s terrific. The success of a good song can give you the same high as really good sex. The success of your client can take you to orgasmic levels. And despite all the pitfalls, there’s nothing like being at the top, even if the bottom is always just a misstep away.

Last year I went to Johnny Depp’s Viper Room to see a performance by an excellent rock band, Run Devil Run. The moment I stepped into the room it was like stepping into my past, surrounded by memories, excitement and hot music. The person who drew my attention, however, was the bass player. Can you say sex on a stick? He was sooo into his music, and so “hawt” on stage you could feel the energy and electricity sizzling from him. I knew I had to write a story where the hero was based on him.

Check out this shot of him.

And so Joy Ride was born.

The traditional story of the good girl and the bad boy, set against the world of rock music. I hope you’ll come along for the ride with Emma and Marc.

Available at: Decadent Publishing, Amazon, Sony, All Romance eBooks.

Emma, the good girl poster child, is running from a life she suddenly sees as grey and suffocating. A life where she’s successfully buried all her hopes and secret dreams. Until the night she wanders into Aftershock and is immediately drawn to Marc, the hot bass player with the band. Marc doesn’t much care for the groupies who hang around the band. He wants a woman he can create a life with that’s a counterpoint to the craziness of the rock music business. When he sees Emma for the first time something inside him cracks wide open. Just one sizzling glance between them and he’s sure he’s found the woman he wants. But as the relationship grows, there’s a huge stumbling block: Emma won’t tell him her name. The sex is fabulous but he wants more. So does Emma but her fear of everything falling apart builds a barrier she can’t seem to cross. Marc is taking her on the joy ride of her life, but will her own insecurities destroy everything?

Clutching the cold beer bottle in her hand, she wedged her way between gyrating bodies, hypnotized by the music until she reached the front of the crowd…and stopped at the edge of the stage, mesmerized. The bass guitarist stood with one foot balanced on the monitor in front of him, his body leaning into the sound. His head was thrown back, dark hair flying around his face as he pounded out the rhythm of the song they were playing. He was wild, uninhibited, totally immersed in his music. He moved with an incredible grace to the accented beat, hips thrusting as his clever fingers plucked the strings and slid on the neck of the guitar.

For one incredible moment, Emma had the feeling he was playing only for her and she realized she really had been struck by “Lightnin’.” Permanently electrified by it.

A surge of heat raced through her, and it wasn’t the kind that emanated from the tightly packed sweaty bodies. Instead, an electric excitement gripped her, sending a charge of unfamiliar sexual thrill to every nerve. Her breasts tingled and between her thighs, she felt a throbbing as deep as the sound of the bass. At first she stood stiffly, clutching her drink. People jostled and shoved her as they kept time to the beat. She took two quick swallows of the beer, grimacing at the bitter taste. But as the alcohol eased her tension, she found herself catching the rhythm of the music and trying to mimic the movements of the bass player, totally caught up in the seductive lure of the song. For one crazy moment, she was gripped by an uncontrollable urge to jump up on the stage, and bump and grind with him. Her! Emma, the good girl!

Clumsily juggling the beer bottle, she slipped the thin strap of her purse over her head so it lay crosswise between her breasts. Her focus still on the bass player, she swayed to the beat, hips moving, rocking. When the song ended, the bass guitarist threw back his head on a final note and then looked out into the crowd, peering beyond the glare of the stage lights.

His eyes seemed to find hers as if pulled by a magnet, and a fist slammed through her.


8 comments to “Guest Blogger: Desiree Holt”

  1. Desiree Holt
    · August 25th, 2011 at 10:23 am · Link

    Hi Delilah! Thanks so much for hosting me today. I’m ready to start the party and answer questions.

  2. Leanne
    · August 25th, 2011 at 10:59 am · Link

    I have such a hard time to read anything pat your bookcover, my eyes roam right to it. There is something about that man that make my heart melt. Ok enough of that. Is the lifestyle of rock bands members pretty much as you describe it in your book or do you embellish it a little for the story?


  3. Desiree Holt
    · August 25th, 2011 at 12:05 pm · Link

    A little of both. Some of them are pretty stable, putting down roots, etc. But you have to remember the business itself is uncertain. ONe day you can be at the top of the ladder and the next day no one knows your name. So there’s always a lot of tension and a lot of scrambling to be the best. And stay there. But I will say once the first notes of the first song start, whether in a club or a concert, there’s magic that takes over.

  4. Darcy
    · August 25th, 2011 at 12:46 pm · Link

    You have had such rich life experiences, and are better for them..and I believe it is pretty awesome…*S*
    I encourage my daughter to keep seeking her dreams in the music business from her photography and interviewing of the bands she so loves. She is taking off from here in Alaska to travel to Portland Oregon to interview and shoot some wonderful pics of one of the bands she so loves next month, and I am so proud of her. Although I still think she should be behind the microphone because the girl can sing…o wow can she sing. I spent years listening to her voice, and believe when I first heard her, I honestly did not know it was my daughter who was singing….*S*
    Thank you for sharing so much of your life and experiences. I think a bit of yourself is in every story to write, and that’s why I just love your books…*S*
    You rock Delilah!



  5. tammy ramey
    · August 25th, 2011 at 12:56 pm · Link

    love the cover, and the book sounds wonderful. i can’t wait to read it.

  6. Heather
    · August 25th, 2011 at 2:23 pm · Link

    Your books are always so awesome, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next 🙂

  7. Desiree Holt
    · August 25th, 2011 at 3:16 pm · Link

    Wow, thank you so much, ladies. Yes, I do put a bit of myself in each of my books. And Darcy, you tell your daughter to keep chasing her dream. She’ll enjoy the richness of life.

  8. Emily Tardy
    · August 25th, 2011 at 7:57 pm · Link

    :mrgreen: Wow, sounds really good. =D I’ll be reading it!

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