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Guest Blogger: Jodi Redford
Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

The winner of the first grab bag of prizes from Romanticon is… Okay, so let me tell you what’s in the bag first. Or maybe, I should start by telling you that the bag itself is quite a prize. Because I didn’t get to sign books at Romanticon, I spent my time getting signatures from every single author there. Yup, the bag is cram-packed with signatures from the wonderful authors at Ellora’s Cave. Inside the bag, there are signed cover flats, pens, bookmarks, a trading card storage box, trading cards, pens, etc. Plus, I’ll be sure to send along some of my own “stuff”. The winner will enjoy combing through this big bag of cool junk and maybe be inspired to check out authors like Ann Jacobs, Koko Brown, Desiree Holt, Kaily Hart, Kathy Kulig, Kimberly Killion, Cerise DeLand, Delphine Dryden, Christine d’Abo, and many more. Okay, no more teasing. The winner of this grab bag of prizes is…Wendy Gregory! Wendy, congrats and email me!

Back to Jodi Redford…

First of all, I want to thank the fabulous Delilah for letting me come on her blog today. Seeing how she’s one of my fave authors, this is a major fan-girl moment for me. Once I got over the exuberant squee-fest going on in my head, I realized I actually had to decide on a subject for my post. So with no hesitation, my mind automatically veered toward my favorite topic—shape-shifters. Or more to the point, super sexy shape-shifters. It’s no secret that I have a love affair with paranormal romances, and the primal and often lusty shifter heroes—and heroines—who populate these magical, fantastical worlds. But what exactly is it about these characters that I and others find so appealing? Is it the wild, animalistic traits that encompass a shape-shifter’s persona that we’re drawn to? I can’t speak for everyone, but I find that whole growly, alpha thing immensely sexy, be it a werewolf, were-tiger, or dragon.

It was my quest to find the ultimate of alpha shape-shifters that led me to my most recent hero, Max Truitt, from Maximum Witch. When I first told friends and family I was going to write a shark hero, they thought I’d finally, officially lost it. A shark…hero? It was crazy. Insane. Even for me. Who in their right mind would think a shark could be heroic, much less sexy? Well, me, for one. Although the being in my right mind part might be debatable. Regardless, the more I thought about it, the more I loved the idea of Max. There’s something incredibly sexy and dangerous about a hero who could eat you for dinner—pun intended. The fun part about writing his character was taking his inner shark traits and twisting them for a sexier purpose than hunting down swimmers for an afternoon snack. For instance, Max shows an equal determination to make a meal out of the heroine, Willa, in this little snippet.

Who says getting eaten by a shark is a bad thing?

That Old Black Magic, Book 3

Willa Jameson is having one whopper of an identity crisis. Odd memory flashes that aren’t hers. A sultry voice in her head that’s obsessed with sex. Even weirder, she finds herself in the jaws of a rogue leviathan, dragged to the bottom of the ocean—and rescued by a hunky…shark?

The last thing Sheriff Max Truitt expects to find on his daily, deep-Atlantic patrol is a human—especially one who breathes underwater. Compelled to take her home, he waits for the beauty to wake up and reveal her name. Instead he’s treated to a punch in the nose, then a sexy romp hot enough to boil water.

The next morning, embarrassed by the sizzling, scandalous things the voice in her head drove her to do, Willa slips away. But if there’s one thing a determined shark excels at, it’s tracking his favorite meal.

Solving the mystery that is Willa is no simple task. When they finally unlock a dangerous secret hidden deep in her subconscious, it drives a wedge between them…and puts them in a desperate race against an evil that seeks to rain down a watery Armageddon on all mankind.

Product Warnings: This book does not contain sex with a puffer fish. There’s not even sex with a seahorse. However, there’s plenty of smoking-hot lovin’ with a shark. And even a steamy M/F/M threesome. So slap on your snorkels and swim fins, things are about to get wet and wild.

Max released his belt and lowered the volume on the radio before turning toward her. She figured her face must have displayed her sizable panic as he leaned close, invading her personal space. His nearness forced her to tip her head sideways, making her glasses slip. He removed them and set them on the front dash. A purposeful gleam lit his eyes as his focus dipped to her mouth. She swallowed. “Max—”

His hand cupped the nape of her neck, lightly stroking. “There’s no way you didn’t think I was going to kiss you.”

“B-but you already did.”

“That was nothing. This time it’s serious.” And with that preemptive warning, he claimed her mouth, his tongue easily coaxing past the barrier of her lips and meeting hers in a hot glide. There was no hesitation or fumbling in his kiss. Only the skilled determination of a male intent on making her melt into a quivering puddle of desperation. He sucked on her bottom lip, his teeth scraping gently.

Panting, she sank her nails into the softness of Max’s T-shirt, fascinated by the marked contrast to the hard muscles hidden beneath. “I—I meant it when I said I’m not falling into your bed.”

“Then take me home to yours.” His bristly jaw scuffed softly along her chin as he dipped his head and sucked the side of her neck. Sharp, pleasurable tingles burst beneath her skin, pebbling her nipples and throbbing within her clit. She squirmed and trembled, her body pulling tight. It was no mystery to her that the sensitive area Max had zeroed in on happened to be one of the most erogenous zones of her body, but how the hell did he know it?

“I…I—” She almost passed out from the devastating pleasure of Max’s mouth when his suction intensified. Her aching clit felt like it was going to explode. “Oh goddess.”

His thumb flicked over her distended nipple, using the friction of her blouse and bra to drive her higher. He lifted his head. “I want to make you come. Over and over. With my tongue, fingers, my cock. Until you lose count of the number of orgasms you’ve had. Say you want that too.”

“Max…” Her plea turned into an embarrassing mewl as he rolled her nipple between his thumb and index finger. She grabbed onto him, trying to drag him closer and increase the teasingly light pressure on her breast, but the bastard refused to budge.

“If you don’t tell me now, Willa, so help me I’ll stop. It’s all of you or nothing.”

Jodi’s Bio

At the ripe age of seven, Jodi Redford penned her first epic, complete with stick figure illustrations. Sadly, her drawing skills haven’t improved much, but her love of fantasy worlds never went away. These days she writes about fairies, ghosts, and other supernatural creatures, only with considerably more heat.

She has won numerous contests, including The Golden Pen and Launching a Star. When not writing or working the day job, she enjoys gardening and way too many reality television shows.

Currently residing in Michigan with her husband and overgrown lapdog, she is a member of RWA national and Greater Detroit Romance Writers of America.

She loves to hear from readers. You can email her at and visit her online at

9 comments to “Guest Blogger: Jodi Redford”

  1. Stacy Wilson
    · October 5th, 2011 at 8:24 am · Link

    This one does sound intriguing! A shark shifter…..He certainly sounds sexy as hell!!!

    I agree….growly Alpha shifters are the haaaawwwtest!!! Altho, vampires can be pretty dang haawwwwt as well. Ok, ok, OK!!! Alpha men in general!!! LOL!

    Stacy Wilson
    dragn_lady at yahoo dot com

  2. Nicole Passante
    · October 5th, 2011 at 8:46 am · Link

    Absolutely love the premise Jodi, I am a shark girl myself. I have always been fascinated by them. In high school I went on I marine biology trip for a week down in the Florida Keys (I’m in Florida) and got to snorkel with a five foot bull shark thus sparking item #1 on my bucket list to dive with a great white, WHILE CAGED, I am insane as well I know this because many people tell me however I am not that crazy 😉

  3. Marika Weber
    · October 5th, 2011 at 9:53 am · Link

    Hi Jodi! I finally finished Maximum Witch and it was freakin’ fabulous! Just saying… 😉

    And I don’t like sharks, but I love Max.

  4. Kendra Edens
    · October 5th, 2011 at 10:55 am · Link

    Max is a keeper! If I wasn’t already clamoring for a Max of my own fairly quickly into the book, I would have changed my mind with the reveal of a fan-freaking-tastic talent involving water … Nope! You must read to find out, but anyone who doesn’t want Max after that has some issues!

    While I never want a close encounter with a shark, I would definitely make an exception for Max. The book was fantabulous Jodi! I can’t wait for the next one … you never cease to entertain me!

    Now .. about that pufferfish sex … *grins*

  5. tammy ramey
    · October 5th, 2011 at 12:51 pm · Link

    i love the cover, it’s beautiful and the excerpt was hot! i can’t wait to read the rest of the book and see what happens next.

  6. Jodi Redford
    · October 5th, 2011 at 3:52 pm · Link

    Thanks for all the awesome comments, everyone! And I’m so excited to hear all of the Max love going on. I admit to having a wee bit of a crush on the big guy too. 😉

  7. Diane Sallans
    · October 5th, 2011 at 5:10 pm · Link

    A shark & a sheriff? That’s quite a combo; multiple points for an alpha male! There must be numerous unexplored adventures that you can set in an ocean that we’ve never read before.

  8. kyla
    · October 5th, 2011 at 7:15 pm · Link

    I might have commitment issues. I fall for each of the hunky heros spotlighed in their own books. *sigh* But with each new book, that hero is replaced. Gone is the old. On with the Shark attack! Woot. Heelllloooo Max. *swoon*

    I’m still reading. I think my mind decided to draw out this book so there’s more time to enjoy. Like when I buy a box of Samoas and they last for 2 months (true story).

    Plus, I’m totally waiting for the Pufferfish Sex to make an appearance in a book.

    Okay…I know we’re talking hot men shifters, but can I drop a line about Willa? What’s up with this chick? She came outta nowhere and stole the thunder. She kicks ass. Lovin’ her so far. Move over heroines, Willa’s takin’ over.

    So, where are we on the Pufferfish Sex book?? >.<

  9. Pat Cochran
    · October 5th, 2011 at 10:53 pm · Link

    Wow! A shark shapeshifter! Try saying that rapidly some
    three or four times! Same for sheriffs and shark shapeshifters!
    But be careful, you don’t want to cause yourself some harm
    while doing this!!

    Sounds like the book for me!

    Pat Cochran

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