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Archive for May 20th, 2013

Just thinking out loud about my new Filofax-o-Mania…
Monday, May 20th, 2013

This year, I’ve found myself a little overwhelmed with work and the old ways of scheduling things just isn’t working for me anymore (I think, because I’m bored with them!). I still need my big picture spread sheet that shows me what’s coming up for the next year. This is just a glimpse of part of it.


But the daily part isn’t cutting it. I’ve always kept something that looks like this for scheduling work. Note the five projects on the right. Yeah, sometimes I’m touching that many stories in any given week. Crazy, right?


But the spreadsheet isn’t inspiring me anymore, so I’m going to make a change in the way I keep my crazy-busy life ordered.

I’ve entered Filofax-o-mania! I used to keep a DayPlanner. Had one for years when I worked in IT, but the thought of something that stale and boring to accompany my creative writing life didn’t tempt me back. Not until I was roaming through Pinterest and saw all the wildly imaginative ways folks are using their Filofaxes to organize their lives. If you head to this page in my Pinterest, you can see what I’m talking about.

Last week, while I was house-sitting and not getting any work done because my ass missed my office chair, I began a shopping spree. I bought a Filofax for myself, then one for my daughter so she can’t make fun of my new addiction, and here’s what I bought:

My Purple Malden

My Purple Malden

My dd's Purple Saffiano

My dd’s Purple Saffiano

But I didn’t stop there. I bought stickers, pretty dividers, post-it flags, post-it notes, colored pens, all sorts of inserts, etc. I even bought a caddy to hold all the crap I’ll be using to decorate my Filo-friend. See the obsession? I’m even naming my craziness!

Which gets to the crux of this blog…. What should I name my Filo-friend? Do you have any ideas? And hey! If any of you have planner fetishes and want to share photos here, send them!

[I’m also thinking about fun charms/dangles I can make to hang from the bottom ring! Hmmm… I can see new pics of Filo-charms entering my Pinterest board soon!]