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Archive for May 27th, 2013

Guest Blogger: Gem Sivad
Monday, May 27th, 2013

Thanks for having me, Delilah. Hi everyone. *waving*  Sharing research today.

Bounty hunting originated in a medieval society where no professional police existed. To right a wrong, punish a thief, or execute a murderer, one had to first catch the culprit. Kings and aristocrats didn’t hunt the wrong-doer—they offered a reward and a “no questions asked policy” that exonerated the hunter from any crime he committed during his hunt. (Source)

In the United States, these hunt-for-profit entrepreneurs have been a part of the American justice landscape since the 18th century.  During the 19th and early 20th centuries, a handful of daring private citizens made a living tracking down wanted desperadoes.  *ahem*

So far I’ve used this info in three books— Five Card Stud, Wolf’s Tender, and Trouble in Disguise —all published by Ellora’s Cave Publishing and all about the McCallisters— a family of bounty hunters.

Trouble In Disguise, releasing June 5th,  is a double measure of bounty hunters. Deacon McCallister’s rival, Beau Beauregard, a woman of many disguises, sneaks up on Deacon and captures his heart.  🙂



An Eclipse Heat Novel

Since both his partners have married and retired from the hunt, Deacon McCallister is alone when he visits the Pleasure Dome, an infamous brothel in Fort Worth’s Hell’s Half Acre. He’s tracking a counterfeiter but what he finds is TROUBLE—dressed in a man’s ruffled shirt and nothing more.

Bounty hunter Miracle Beauregard pretends to be male, calls herself Beau and for years has fooled the general public concerning her gender. But underneath Miri’s disguise, beats a feminine heart in lust for Deacon McCallister. Though she spends a lot of time dreaming about her rival, she never expects to act upon her longings.

When Miri follows an outlaw to the fanciest whorehouse in Texas and crosses paths with her heart’s desire, she trades her buckskins for bare skin to play the part of Deacon’s paid companion.

Inside Scoop: Miri figures wrong when she thinks one taste of Deacon will be enough and quickly discovers her undercover lover has forever on his mind.

A Romantica®/Lawless erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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