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Archive for June 8th, 2013

Saturday Snippet: Love Hurts
Saturday, June 8th, 2013

 My random number generator picked a winner—Janie McGaugh! Janie, congrats! ~DD

* * * * *

 This week’s topic is “love hurts.” No couple I’ve written has been through more heartache than Darcy and Quentin. In fact, I wrote two books that document their travails, and I think there’s probably another story waiting to be written whenever I get off the current contract schedule. Enjoy reading about the first time Q thinks he’s lost his love.

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Love Bites (new)

“…congratulations to Ms. Devlin for creating a masterpiece. This story has all the elements that a Gold Star book has in it. The novel has intense suspense that was thrilling and delightful…” ~Gold Star Award, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“… LOVE BITES is a delicious, emotional romp of a story, a tale that builds powerfully on the old, often-used love triangle and succeeds beautifully in creating something new and exciting.” ~Sensual Romance

On the trail of a serial killer, vampire Quentin Albermarle is mistaken for the killer by a police special task force. Once the smoke clears, Quentin finds himself in a delicious position-atop one of the unit’s crack officers, Darcy Henry.

In need of Quentin’s access to the vampire sub-culture, the task force leadership invites Quentin to join the crime unit as a special advisor, much to the chagrin of the men in the unit, and especially, of Darcy.

A no-nonsense cop with no time for romance, Darcy suddenly finds herself embroiled in a steamy love triangle between her mortal partner, Joe, and the handsome vampire. Going from abstinence to wantonness, she is unable to resist the two men’s relentless seduction or her own sensual curiosity about a vampire’s special “kiss”.

When the real killer threatens the life of someone close to her, Darcy makes a choice that forever binds the three of them together.

Quentin watched from the shadow of the cockpit, his hand tightening around the puny stake he held. Nicky had a gun pointed at Darcy. Quentin didn’t dare make a move or he might distract her.

Nicky took a step toward her.

“Don’t come any closer,” she warned.

He sniffed the air. “I smell Quentin. He’s been all over you, hasn’t he?” His smile sent a shiver down Quentin’s back.

“You’re surrounded,” Darcy said, her voice steady. “You may as well lay down your weapon. You aren’t stepping off this boat.”

Quentin’s chest filled with pride at her courage.

“But I have you, therefore I have the advantage.”

A soft click and the blur of her arrow flying toward Nicky’s chest happened so quickly, Quentin didn’t have time to react.

The arrow sank only to its tip. Read the rest of this entry »