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Archive for June 17th, 2013

1 Day to Go! (Contest!)
Monday, June 17th, 2013

The winner (chosen by a random number generator) of one of the prequel stories
and a $5 gift certificate is…Christina (#18)! Christina, congratulations
and email me to arrange delivery of your prize! ~DD

TWICE the Bang!

Just one more day! Sometime after midnight tonight, Twice the Bang will release! I can’t wait to hear what you think! But if you haven’t read any of the books in the series all you have to do is read through the excerpts. They are a very good hint of what’s to come! I think you’ll get the picture. Sexy, naughty stories—a dirty girl’s favorite fantasies… That’s what Delta Heat’s all about. I have just one book left to write in the series—Mondo’s happy-ever-after. I’m not sure what he needs. I’ll have to give it a little thought. Maybe you have some suggestions…?

In the meantime, I’ll go through today and start picking winners for the first three days of the countdown. There’s still time if you don’t see notes at the top of those blogs naming winners! Here’s the rules…

THE CONTEST: Every day of the countdown, I’ll give away one free download of that day’s prequel book and a $5 gift certificate to one lucky commenter. If on that day, you win a download of a book you already own, I’ll let you choose a commenter to give that free download to, but you get to keep the gift certificate! Then on Tuesday, I’ll choose a name from among all the people who posted during this countdown and award a $25 gift certificate. (Obviously today, there is no prequel book to give away, so I’ll offer any of the first three books to today’s lucky winner.)


Who says it’s better to share your toys?

Beau McIntyre has had his eye on Pansy Patton for a while. But after their friends’ coming out party—where Pansy wears nothing but a sexy smile—Beau isn’t the only one jockeying for the best view of her pretty backside. Realizing it was a mistake to opt for a drawn-out seduction, Beau plans on staking his claim.

Billy Sorenson knows he’s out of his league with a submissive like Pansy, but it was lust at first sight. Now he’ll do whatever it takes to have her, even if he has to be penciled into her schedule for equal time.

A smoking-hot firefighter with ice-blue eyes, or a mysterious cop…what’s a girl to do? Pansy has the answer: refuse to choose and savor the consequences of both men pursuing her.

Doe she expect her lovers to play fair? Oh, no. She’s hoping they’ll play dirty. Real dirty…

Warning: Contains m/f/m and f/f/m scenes, paintball and other sexy ball games, flogging, and one wild orgy of pleasure.


Billy’s fists curled at his sides. What the hell? He knew this was a posture subs took to signal their willingness to obey, but he was no Dom. Not some poser who needed a woman to call him Sir in order to get a hard-on.

He’d seen how Aiden treated Jenn that once in the gym of the firehouse. He’d winced as he’d called her a slut, felt shame for the arousal her tearfully rendered obedience had coaxed.

The last thing he wanted was to lay a harsh hand on Pansy’s pretty, creamy skin. He didn’t want her crying, didn’t want anything but moans and maybe a scream, but he’d never get her there if he didn’t play first. He wasn’t sure he had what it took.

Something that didn’t seem to concern his cock because it surged inside his pants, crowding his fly. “I’m not a Dom, Pansy.”

“No, you aren’t. I could see that at Aiden’s.” But she didn’t rise, didn’t lift her head.

“I’m not sure I can give you what you need…”

“Just tell me what you want,” she whispered. “Anything. I’ll do it.” Read the rest of this entry »