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Archive for June 21st, 2013

Guest Blogger: Allie Hawkins
Friday, June 21st, 2013


Thanks, Delilah.  Since millions of blogs now exist, I found coming up with a topic for this blog a challenge.  I wanted something to do with reading.  Summers are often a bit more laid back and we’re often able to catch a few extra moments to read.  Reading is a gift we give ourselves, right?  Then I thought about sharing that gift with the love interest in our lives.   Somehow, somewhere, lightning struck.

Looking for the perfect gift for the love interest in your life?

Here’s a suggestion that never fails:  a romance novel you read together.

Whether the book is by one of your favorite authors or is a new author doesn’t matter.  What matters is setting the scene and reading the book aloud together.

Here are a few suggestions for creating the setting:

  • Put any/all kids who are part of your life to bed before giving your love interest the book.  (Some kids don’t go to sleep right away so make sure they’re down for the night).
  • Choose a comfortable place (one you both like, one conducive to reading so the hot tub may not be the best first choice).
  • Play mood music (preferably soft since you are going to read aloud).
  • Turn the lights low.  (Not so low you can’t see the words on the printed page).
  • Wear something that requires little effort to remove.
  • Add a little perfume in strategic places.
  • Tease out the presentation moment (“I have a gift guaranteed to blow you away.”  “I bet you’ll never guess what I want to do tonight.”  “Here’s a fantasy I’ve had for a long time.”).
  • Wrap the book provocatively.  (How about inside a thong under the paper wrapping?  How about with a sex toy on the paper wrapping?  How a promissory note for a good time?  How about a card you make with several suggestive ideas?).
  • Pour a couple of glasses of wine—or your favorite libation.
  • Snuggle up when each of you reads.
  • Read with feeling.  (One or the other of you may be better at this, but set the tone if you can).
  • Read slowly . . . especially those scenes with sexual tension or explicit sex).
  • Forget going to the bed.  When the mood strikes you both, go with it—wherever you are.
  • Continue reading throughout the week.

HINT #1:  Ask your love interest for a date on a specific day/night and at an agreed-upon time.  Agree to no interruptions (Unplug the telephone.  Put the cell phones in another room.  Turn off the TV.  Shut the door to the computer room).

HINT #2:  If a book you choose isn’t working, find another one.

HINT #3:  Have fun.

If you’re reading this and you know the “perfect” book for the “perfect” gift for a love interest, leave the title and author.  It’s impossible to have too many alternatives, right?

* * * * *


What if one loose thread could unravel your life?

Three years ago, Quinn Alexander put Pierce Jordan’s betrayal behind her. Now her brother needs a favor that forces her to confront her former lover. For her brother, guardian of her devastating childhood secret, Quinn will do anything—even risk falling for Pierce again.

Pierce admits he broke Quinn’s heart out of fear he’d never measure up to her ideal. He also admits Quinn’s savvy mind and generous spirit drive their successful, ongoing business relationship.  Now, realizing how much he wants her, he risks losing her forever by questioning her brother’s character.

When Quinn and Pierce uncover embezzlement, drug deals and murder, she fears for her brother, even as her attraction to Pierce grows. Which is stronger—a love renewed or loyalty unchallenged?

Commonsense told Pierce to take his time.  “You’re going to enjoy this, aren’t you?” Read the rest of this entry »