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G.D. Ogan: Immortal Relations
Friday, October 25th, 2013

This snippet is from page 69 of my third in the series, “Immortal Relations Coming Out.” The scene is the wedding of the vampire daughter of Magdalena and Gary whose name is Eviana to the human, Victor (soon to be her husband):

We boarded several limousines which whisked us over to where the marriage ceremony would be held and there we saw many of our old friends who had been there the day Magdalena and I had wed at the same location. Eviana had on the same dress Magdalena had worn the day she and I were married. It had a few minor alterations since Eviana was not quite as tall but had an ample bust and wanted the neckline plunging to show off one of her best features. Aside from these modifications, and the dazzling white color, it had the same haut-couture cut as the light blue, lacy, scalloped, and layered, shape-hugging dress I’d seen Magdalena in the first time I’d met her.

I guess I’d been so overwhelmed by the surprise my friends had prepared in my own wedding to Magdalena that I hadn’t really noticed all the white flowers that I now saw and which smelled so very sweet… I think they were Gardenia’s arranged hanging in twists around and down polls placed alongside as well as in the back and in front of the wedding venue. As I walked Eviana down the aisle, I could hear her thoughts of overwhelming love for Victor and the beauty of it was so intense that it was all I could do to keep from crying. I also could hear Victor’s concern that he might faint due to the picture of loveliness walking toward him and prepared to be his bride. I sent him my thoughts; Steady on young man, the ceremony will be over before you know it and you’ll have a long time to enjoy your life with this wonderful lady. If you can’t read her thoughts right now, I can and I can confirm her deep love for you. I am so very proud to welcome you into the family as my son-in-law! What is it the Brits say, something about keeping a stiff upper-lip? Well, just keep SOMETHING stiff for a little bit longer. Then I smiled at him and he smiled back, or maybe he was smiling as his future bride drew nigh. Whatever it was, he seemed to take courage in the stars he saw in her eyes. At this realization I could feel tears on my own cheeks.

Once again, Vladimir had a gift of a dazzling five carat Red Ruby mounted in a Gold ring. This looked to be a twin to the one he had provided when I wed Magdalena. I was sure this was also one from the Hermitage collection for Victor, the groom, to place on the finger of Eviana, his bride.

There was a reception held afterwards; however I only got a parting glance of Victor and Eviana as food evidently wasn’t on their minds. Vladimir had arranged for them to stay in the bedroom at the Menshikov Palace which was completed in 1721 and was the most luxurious building during the time of Peter the Great.

Soon, Vladimir had corralled us and we were transported to the same palace where we entered a private suite of rooms that had been prepared for us. There we found Vlad, Grandmother and Roger and after hugs and kisses we sat down to discuss the wedding and what we had accomplished at the Canadian Coven.

* * * * *

immortal relationsThe cover from the first book, Immortal Relations, showing Gary recently converted to a vampire, Magdalena and Eviana with the fog shrouded Residency Castle in the background (a local art student did this cover for me).


The cover is from the second in the series, Immortal Relations, Love and War, and shows Gary looking protectively at Magdalena and Eviana with the Residency Castle visible in the background. (the same local art student did the cover for the second book).


The third book in the series, Immortal Relations Coming Out, is now published and we hope to have it on Kindle soon. This is the only picture I now have of the cover. It shows Gary’s face (as drawn by our local art student) with a huge asteroid hurtling toward the inner planets. Gary, Magdalena and several other vampires will try to change its course so it doesn’t impact the Earth. Since vampires don’t need oxygen, are immune to radiation, don’t need bulky space suits or food and are many, many times stronger than humans, who better to save mankind from the rogue asteroid?

Author bio: Having grown up on each coast (until my junior year of high school we lived across the river from Washington D.C. in Virginia). I ran track and cross-country and did many of the things slightly abnormal male teens do. When my father left government service we moved to Northern California (talk about a culture shock!) in the early 60’s where I continued running track and cross-country through Los Altos High School and Foothill Junior College receiving an Associate of Arts. Then transferring to Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas to finish my undergraduate degree along with Air Force ROTC, being commissioned upon graduation (I spent a little over 20 years in the Air Force having the opportunity to travel and, as they say, “see the world.” I finished a graduate degree at the European Campus of Ball State University while in the service. I did a little teaching at college level and wrote a book on assessment and treatment of children, adolescents and adults with Attention Deficit while finishing my second graduate degree at Hardin-Simmons University upon leaving the service. I never considered myself good at speaking, especially to large groups, writing seemed like the natural thing to do to express myself. I later went to work for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (their Prison System) where I wrote treatment programs for inmates to help them get off of drugs. I retired from TDCJ as a psychologist when notified that my father had died and I knew my mother would need my help because of her Alzheimer’s. As the only child, I took care of her in her home (as that was her wish) during the last five years of her life. I wrote many articles on running events I participated in while younger and later did the same with car shows I visited (always being interested in vehicles). The first two pages of “Immortal Relations” discusses the true family event that caused me to start writing the “Immortal Relations” series. (You can read that for free by clicking on the “Look Inside” button above the picture of the cover at There you will find the photograph that cause me to start the series.

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    · October 26th, 2013 at 8:15 am · Link

    Thanks for having me on your Blogs, I hope folks will take a look at the snippet and then read further into the “Look Inside” feature at http// that is the Kindle I.D. (I believe). It went “active” last night – I’ve put all three in the series down to 99 cents each (even my new one)!

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    Keep on writing, great job!

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