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Alisa Anderson: Give and Keep (Contest)
Thursday, November 13th, 2014

UPDATE: The winner of the free Adventure Girl, Inc. story is…Ginger Robertson!

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Just a quick note before you dive into the post from Alisa Anderson! 

First, I have a winner for Tuesday’s gift card. Be sure to check the top of that post to see if you were a winner.

Secondly, I’d like an answer to a question for another chance for someone to win a free download of any one of my Adventure Girl stories. Be sure to give Alisa some praise, too!

Are blogs dead? Would you be sad if I didn’t provide space
to other authors to introduce you to their books?

Thanks for taking time to answer and please enjoy learning more about Alisa Anderson’s Give and Keep! DD

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giveand keep

Give and Receive, Part 3: Give and Keep

What is right when you decide there is no wrong?

No more games to be played. The time had come to step up.

I’m going to take the forbidden fruit being offered and dance with the devil…

Learn to fly.

It’s just that sometimes, when you fly too close to the sun….

You’re bound to get burned. I wear the scars well.

But what’s a little pain of heat…

with the reward of pleasure.


Lena felt like she had walked into the middle of a movie, and had missed the first scene. She also knew Danny and Tyler knew more about the movie than either of them was telling. She looked at Danny.

“How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to know you’re beautiful when being fucked.”

Lena’s eyes widened, nipples immediately puckering in response.

Her breath caught in her throat. “Oh.”

“Oh, indeed.”

Ty looked at them both.

“By the way, just in case you forget.” Ty grabbed her, curling his hand around her neck possessively. Yanking her lips to his as his eyes met Danny’s.

He kissed her, brutally sucking her lip into his mouth, biting down until her blood flavored his tongue. She blinked.

“I um. Ok. So that’s a thing happening too.”

Ty put his finger to her mouth, shushing her.

He walked her over to the massive, giant four poster bed. Sinking back into the firm, king sized mattress, dragging her pants down halfway around her waist before pulling her down on top of him. She around and looked at him, his gaze colliding with Danny’s once again.

He ground into her, cock grazing over the pucker of her bottom, still slick with his semen. Never breaking eye contact with Danny.

What was it neither of them were saying?

She felt his ever-growing erection, once again, as he slid his penis inside her ass, its thickness still making her shift with the sudden invasion. She didn’t have time to think, to prepare, to even move, as she was forced, all the way down on his thick, heavily veined, cock. It was different, sitting on him this way. She felt him more. Harder. Thicker. There was pain. But pleasure, too. So much pleasure. It made her dizzy.

“Oh my god. Ty.” She moaned. Feeling him fill her deeply. Deeper than before. Pussy tingling in response. Sighing at the multitude of sensations. “You feel so fucking big. Still. What are you doing to me?” Lena’s body betrayed her, getting heated once more.

“Shut up. Enjoy. In that order.” He adjusted himself, sliding his hands around to part her thighs as Danny reached them. Sinking to his knees, yanking her pants and underwear down further. His mouth found her pussy and he licked, urgent with his need to finally taste her flesh.

She was hot, dampened with fluids not entirely hers.

She suspected Danny knew that as he lapped at her, pausing to break eye contact with Ty to find hers. So much hidden in the depths of those strange, haunted eyes.

Answers she may not be ready for now.

He parted her flesh searchingly with his tongue, continuing to love on every morsel of flesh he could get his mouth on. Torturously he twirled his mouth and lips around her clit, sucking it into his mouth with feverish intensity. Swallowing every last drop he took from her.

“You taste…like honey.” Danny whispered against her pussy, using his fingers to fuck her tight opening, biting down on her delicate little bud.

“But then…I always knew you would.”

He lifted each of her legs gently, until she was free of her pants and underwear. “I wonder how you’ll feel with your beautiful pussy around my cock. Stretching you. Filling you. Fucking you. I wonder if you can take all of me…if Ty warmed you up enough to take everything I have waiting for you? I’m not…easily satisfied. I can be dark. Did he tell you that about me?”

His words were hypnotic to her ears. Buttery rich chocolate, dripping all over her. Driving her insane with promise. She was confused, aroused, bewildered, desperately craving his touch, his words….his everything.

He blew softly on her  clit as Ty thrust into her, feeling her ass meet the sharp muscle of his pelvis. She inhaled sharply as he rammed upwards. She tried to scream, as pain laced her throbbing backside, but Ty was buried so deep, so tight she couldn’t breathe.

“Oh. God. Yes. Just like that. Fuck me harder, Ty. Make. It. Hurt.”

She moaned as Ty grabbed her hips, crying out as she felt his balls resting against the opening of her pussy. White hot pain consumed her as he continued slamming into her, stretching her impossibly, more than before. She needed more, craved more pain, had to feel the burn of his cock, scraping against her sensitive tissues.

Ty ground into her, mouth pressed to her shoulder. “How much more, baby girl?” His breathing irregular, labored. He was ready to explode. She knew it. She wiggled her ass over him and he thrust into her, harder, deeper, faster. She was so wound, so tight, so ready to combust. It wouldn’t be long now.

Ty reached around to palm the slick, moistened mound of curls, slipping his fingers inside of her pussy.

Danny never broke eye contact with her as he gave Ty’s fingers a lick, tasting her off of him. He continued licking every time Ty’s fingers came out, alternately inserting his fingers inside her, then together, with Ty. Lena couldn’t resist touching herself and pinched her clit, stroking it, plucking the ripe fruit as Danny kissed it, nibbling on her fingers as well. She was alive with sensation, every tongue lap on her finger from his mouth a pleasure source, charging everything on her body into overdrive.

Danny slipped his fingers from her pussy to her ass, stretching her opening more as Ty slid in and out, and she suddenly exploded. Everything went hazy around her, pain giving way to indescribably intense pleasure.

Danny sat up, bringing her head to his, capturing her mouth with his own. He positioned his cock at her opening, sliding inside her pussy, impatient and urgent. Careful not to hurt her too much, with Ty still inside.

He fucked her hard, slapping against her pussy fast and forceful.

He had waited a lifetime to be inside her it seemed and was no longer to be denied.

He took her legs, wrapping them around his waist as he continued slamming into her, forcefully, demanding her submission.

“Lie back, baby girl.” Ty whispered softly. “I’ll hold you. Just lean into me.”

Available FRIDAY!!

Alisa’s Bio

(transposed to the third person at an attempt to appear more mature *grins cheerfully*)

well…alisa did stuff and is still doing stuff. only now she has two boys crazy enuff to want her as their mommy. hey, at least she tried to warn them, so her job is done. she doesn’t like to capitalize, partially because she likes how lower case letters look visually, but mostly out of laziness. please don’t judge. it could be you. and she would say, hey. you’re alright, buddy. you’re ok in my book. now c’mere for a hug. the hug might be pushing it. air kiss? you are strangers, after all, with only a mutual love of poor grammar.

she lives for a world full of controllable anatomically correct, android men programmed to meet her specific feminine needs (wink, wink, nudge, nudge with a big waggle of the eyebrows). who look like the rock. and ian somerhalder. and idris elba. and that’s it she promises. variety. gotta have variety, right?

but alas…apparently that exists only in johanna lindsey’s genius mind. so until then, she enjoys her incredibly warped sense of humor. she reads tons of erotica and romantic, drippy goo that makes her heart go pitter patter. then she thought, hey. what, she said to herself. (softly, of course, so no one finds out she is indeed, 2 nuts short of a fruitcake) maybe you should write this stuff too. maybe someone will like it and maybe buy it. so she said, huh, you think? then she said, well…yeah, i wouldn’t have suggested it…(inserts sarcastic tone) and then she was like lose the attitude, ok? then she was all, would you just shut up and write, already? sheesh! and she did. 🙂

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9 comments to “Alisa Anderson: Give and Keep (Contest)”

  1. Toni Whitmire
    · November 13th, 2014 at 12:15 pm · Link

    no and I would be sad if you didn’t provide space because I would find out about so many new authors

  2. Shirley Long
    · November 13th, 2014 at 12:57 pm · Link

    Heavens no blogs are not dead. I’ve found a lot of new & exciting authors from your blog and others. Like Alisa Anderson. Probably never would have read her work without reading her on your blog. So, keep up the good work my friend. I love seeing you on my email list. 😆

  3. BeckyM
    · November 13th, 2014 at 7:31 pm · Link

    Nope, not dead. I am a reader who reads most of the posts but rarely comments. I like seeing new to me authors and learning about new books!

  4. Ginger Robertson
    · November 13th, 2014 at 8:26 pm · Link

    Hi Alisa

    Hot damn! That excerpt has my heart beating a lot faster. I’m so ready to stay up really late reading Give and Keep. I will definitely be checking out your books.

    Thank you for being a guest here on Delilah’s blog.

    And, Delilah I so enjoy when you have guest authors. I get to be introduced to new authors and stories.

    Thank you ladies

  5. Pat Freely
    · November 13th, 2014 at 8:35 pm · Link

    Blogs are not dead. I meet new authors, enjoy excerpts. I get new info for your reads.

  6. Alisa Anderson
    · November 13th, 2014 at 11:14 pm · Link

    thanks ginger and shirley!

    i always appreciate new readers, and i agree, without blogs we wouldn’t find all the great, new authors there are out there!

    it’s why we keep our blog going as well. it definitely is a labor of love, but from one reader to the next, well worth it, right? thanks lovely lady d for having me today! 🙂 -alisa

  7. Lisa J
    · November 14th, 2014 at 9:23 am · Link

    Since I’m not a social media gal, no FB or Twitter, I love blogs. It’s great when there is something new each day. I have found new authors through your blog.

    Very hot excerpt.

  8. Karen
    · November 14th, 2014 at 12:27 pm · Link

    I love these blogs! I’m always hungry for new reading material and I get a lot of it from your blogs Delilah! Keep ’em coming!

  9. Delilah
    · November 19th, 2014 at 9:02 am · Link

    The winner of the free Adventure Girl, Inc. story is…Ginger Robertson! Ginger, congrats, and I’ll be in touch shortly!

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