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Tilly Greene: January in Scotland
Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

It’s midnight, New Years Day, Hogmanay is just about done and the real party is about to start!

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????First-footing takes place in Scotland and by some people in northern England. Roots to this tradition go as back as Viking invasions and have changed little. How it works is that the first person to enter a home after midnight starting the new year should be a man with dark hair and carrying tokens cementing good luck for the residents. The most common tokens are a lump of coal, whisky and an oat cake and in return, uisge beatha, water of life (whisky), and food are shared.

Sound fun? It is because throughout the night, as long as the chilled limbs can move, and one more dram can be shared, first-footing continues, house to house, party to party.

By the way, all the parties are not finished after a few days. In case you find yourself in Scotland during January, then you have about three weeks to get rid of the Hogmanay and First-footing hangovers to prepare for Burn’s Night on the 25th. What does one do in memoriam for Robert Burns besides quote a poem or two? Drink whisky and address the haggis, of course. Serious stuff and yes, there will also be men wearing kilts and pipers at these festivities as well.

If you can’t make it to Scotland, then don’t despair, recreate the fun in your own home with a little help from the internet. Search out recipes, cook some simple things, and share with your family and friends along with a wee dram or three of whisky. A new experience is a great way to launch a new year with a bang!

tgHorse by Tilly GreeneMy latest release is Horse, a historical western erotic romance, and the first book in The Bloody Bucket series. Jack Murphy, Horse, is straight off the boat from Ireland. The American Civil War was finished, rebuilding was starting and he made the trip. There was no way he could follow tradition and dedicate his life to the church as a second son normally does. That was his path in life if he stayed. He started out in New York City, but soon realized it wasn’t for him and moved to Texas. Life in Cowler was exciting, never quiet and serene, and he loved every moment because of her, MaryKate Thompson. You can pick a copy of Horse by Tilly Greene up at All Romance, Amazon, BN, iBooks and Smashwords.

Thank you, Delilah, for giving me the time and space to share my love for Scotland and its history, and my Irishman in Horse. Having just returned from spending the holidays in England, it’s all about that place across the pond for me today.

Tilly Greene
Scorching romances full of twists, turns and ties.

tgAuthor Picture

Whether traveling or sitting in her office, Tilly Greene researches and writes erotica and erotic romance novels in a variety of genres and sub-genres like shape shifter, paranormal, contemporary and futuristics, and themes such as BDSM, multiculturalism and ménages. Every day she looks forward to writing about women who are independent and confident, the men who love them, and their twisting passionate path to each other.

2014 Wrap-up and a Brand New Blog Tour/Contest!
Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

This is my last chance to blog here for 2014, so here’s my annual wrap-up. Plus there’s news about a blog tour and a chance to win something after you read the quick re-hash.

I wish you and yours the very best in the New Year! And I’d love to hear what your plans are for New Year’s Eve! I plan to spend the evening with my dd probably watching some TV while we wait for the hour to strike, maybe drinking a little toast, for sure doing a little hand spell to welcome the New Year with good wishes.

New Year

Looking Back at 2014

As 2014 nears its end, I am wrapping up my plans for 2014, deciding what projects to work on, what conferences to attend, and trying to schedule down time. 2014 kicked my butt. I wrote fewer new words than in recent years, but spent more time with the family, so I’m on the fence over whether that’s appalling or not. 🙂

These are the books I released—and don’t be impressed with the length of the list. Several stories have two release dates because they appear first in a boxed set, then on their own:

  1. 02/10/14 – MUTINY’S BOUNTY, in SEALed With A Kiss anthology
  2. 02/11/14 – DANGEROUS LIAISON
  3. 02/25/14 – REINED IN
  4. 03/18/14 – COWBOY HEAT 
  5. 04/21/14 – IT TAKES A SEAL, in Summer of SEALs anthology
  6. 04/23/14 – MUTINY’S BOUNTY
  7. 05/06/14 – HER ONLY DESIRE
  8. 05/20/14 – ONCE IS NEVER ENOUGH
  9. 05/27/14 – IT TAKES A SEAL
  10. 06/02/14 – PLEASING SIR, in Occupational Hazard anthology
  11. 06/09/14 – RED DAWN
  12. 07/15/14 – ONCE IN A BLUE MOON
  13. 07/25/14 – WATCH OVER ME, in Hot Alpha SEALs anthology
  14. 09/02/14 – HIS EVERY FANTASY
  15. 09/23/14 – BIG BRASS BUCKLE
  17. 11/07/14 – WET DOWN, in Five Alarm Alphas anthology
  18. 11/18/14 – RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, in Winter of SEALs anthology
  19. 12/09/14 – BURNING UP MEMPHIS
  20. 12/18/14 – SILENT IS THE KNIGHT reissue

Blog Tour for Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors

Hot HighlandersThe authors of Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors are about to embark on a brand new tour! Follow us for a chance to win some great prizes! Winners won’t be chosen until the end of the tour!

December 29 Wickedly Wanton Tales
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December 31 Behind Closed Doors
January 1 Pink Fluffy hearts
January 2 It’s Raining Books
January 5 Deal Sharing Aunt
January 6 Bunny’s Review
January 7 Angel’s Guilty Pleasures
January 8 Words of Wisdom from The Scarf Princess
January 9 Beyond Romance
January 9 Long and Short Reviews

All along the way, you will have the opportunity to win our tour prizes.

Here’s your first chance! Just follow the link:

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Megan Mitcham: A Late Christmas Present (Free Story!)
Monday, December 29th, 2014

Who doesn’t like a gift, even if late? My favorite part about Christmas (as cheesy as this sounds) is giving gifts. Well, it’s the recipient’s reaction that really does it for me. There’s nothing better than the smile of a person you love, except knowing you put it there.

While I let you spend the holiday with your family, I didn’t forget about you. Tell me what is your favorite part of the holidays in the comments below and I’ll give you a digital copy of Versions, the first installment in the Blacklist Series! (Be sure to leave your email address in the comments!) If you love it, tell a friend.

mmVersions 2500

Versions Excerpt

At the most swank eatery until le Diplomate a few blocks up, they passed an outcropping of glass framed in thick rustic metal and then turned right. Through the concrete entrance the hostess’s practiced hands ushered them across the stone floor to their waiting friends.

“Rin!” Jen squealed, hopping from her smooth wooden chair. “Get out. I freaking love your hair. And that dress. Oh my God, are those Choos?” The exuberant brunette fanned herself with Barcelona’s extensive drink menu.

The crowd around them didn’t skip a beat, caught in the din of their own merriment. This place did that and Rin was ready for some indulgence of her own.

“Perfect timing.” Zack’s green eyes shifted behind her, toward the kitchen.

Jen’s breath caught and she leaned to the side, peering around the outfit she’d just gushed over. “Forget your Choos and get a load of our waiter. Please be our waiter. Please be our waiter.”

“They’re called servers,” Gregory chimed with his charismatically crooked grin. He stood, leaned forward, and planted a big one square on Rin’s lips. She released Nate and wrapped Gregory in a fierce hug. “And these days they tend to sue when ogled too forcibly. So, no groping.” He winked and set her back next to Nate.

“Lawyers,” Rin mirrored her best friend’s lopsided grin. “Always spoil the fun.”

She and Nate laughed for the first time since the text, but none of their friends noticed. They all stared in unabashed awe at the person coming to take their order.

“I’m ready to pick a team and erect my flag in the dirt. This guy seals the deal. Gay all the way. Sorry, ladies, but this nugget of manliness has finally made a decision.” Gregory smoothed his hand over the cream cable-knit sweater that hid his leanly muscled physique.

“Erect your flag or your dick? In the ground or our server?” Jen asked. “I have zero qualms about calling him a server because I’d let him service me any day.”

“I prefer the latter.” Gregory sat wide-eyed.

“Something’s wrong with you two,” Zach announced.

“But I don’t see you looking away,” Nate noted. “And I hope y’all know what you want to drink. Jen and Greg, your prayers are answered in three, two…”

Rin couldn’t get over her friends’ reaction to this guy enough to turn and look for herself. She needed this camaraderie to ease the sting of loneliness, even though Nate’s beefy hand wrapped securely around her upper arm. The realization of the superficiality of their relationship—crazy text or not—raised the curtain and left her standing on stage in nothing but her sparkling personality.

“Evening, gentlemen. Ladies.” The silken honey of the unfamiliar voice coated her nakedness in a soothing balm. The waiter cleared his throat. The low rumble vibrated very near her ear. “What can I get you, miss?”

She canted her head in his direction. Surprise smacked her square in the face.  Smoldering bedroom eyes gazed into hers. The crystal blue orbs pierced through a strong brow and straight into her soul. Rin stepped back, stumbling over Nate’s feet. A thud sounded her landing against her boyfriend’s hard chest.

“Whoa, there,” the waiter said, maintaining an invisible grip on Rin that made it impossible to look away.

Blond hair only a shade darker than her own sat in disarray across his forehead, but was shorn close around his ears. The hint of a beard hugged the strongest jaw she’d ever seen. Lips the perfect shape and fullness for hours and hours of kissing would have softened the blow his appearance delivered, if he’d only smile.

“You startled me,” she said by way of explanation for her odd behavior.

“Wasn’t my intention.” He said the words, but his head ticked to the side and his eyes flared in a way that opposed them.

“What’s your name, gorgeous?” Jen asked.

“Call me Luck,” the waiter said, holding Rin’s befuddled gaze.

Nate steadied her and shifted to place himself between her and the…her and Luck, but a massive party of suits poured in to their left. They crowded the walkway with banter and briefcases. The man screwing with her head—more than her shrink ever had—could have stepped to the side of the table toward Zach. Instead, he stepped forward, crowding her with his sharply muscled chest tucked neatly into a waiter’s white button down. Chiseled forearms and lightly sun-kissed skin shown at his rolled sleeves.

Whether someone shoved him or he took a dive she wasn’t sure, but his sinewy chest suddenly plastered her front. One arm wrapped around her waist, catching her in a subtle dip. His other shot out to the chair back to steady them. She swore she heard Gregory moan. Luck’s muscles in action did something sinful to her psyche.

“Jackass, I’m not into threesomes,” Nate blustered just behind her head. She’d see him, if she’d tear her gaze off Luck. But she couldn’t.

Luck lifted his heavy blue gaze from her for the first time and squared it on Nate. “Me neither.”


Versions – $0.99


Megan Mitcham
Sizzling Suspense – Are you sizzling yet?

The Base Branch Series
The Blacklist Series

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Stacy McKitrick: Ghosts – Real or Just Stories?
Sunday, December 28th, 2014

The house my grandmother owned in the 50s and 60s was supposedly haunted by a ghost she named Ethel Beth. This house was located in Los Angeles, not far from Century City, in a neighborhood of homes. In fact, it was a rather nice neighborhood (probably still is). Nothing spooky about it, really.

Ethel Beth had been known to open windows (the kind that had to be pushed upward), turn on lights, and throw hats out of a closet. I never witnessed any of her antics, but more than one person admitted to seeing these things. Now, whether this was a story that people loved to get in on, or Ethel Beth really existed, I’ll never know.

And while I loved to visit my grandmother and listen to the stories, I wasn’t always so keen on spending the night. Every noise spooked me! I never saw any sign of Ethel Beth, though (maybe she knew I was scared).

But the stories always intrigued me. Ghosts intrigue me. So when my husband suggested I write a book with a ghost, I thought, why not? And that’s how Ghostly Liaison was born (to be released on January 19, 2015 through Lyrical Press/Kensington).


Avoiding love is hard. Catching a killer can be fatal…

When Rob’s sister passed away, she left him her dog and her house. He can handle the dog part, but he doesn’t need another home. Especially a fixer-upper the neighbor swears is haunted. Then he meets Bridget, who’s working on getting her life back together after a car accident left her scarred in more ways than one. She can’t pass up Rob’s offer of free lodging, regardless of the shape it’s in. Or the roommate that’s part of the package. She’s never believed in ghosts, but now she’s living with one who wants Bridget’s help in catching a killer. There’s only one problem: the killer has unfinished business…

So… If you saw ghosts (and didn’t die of fright), would you tell anyone? How might you go about doing that? Well, this is how Bridget tells Rob in the following excerpt from Ghostly Liaison:

Rob scooted closer and placed his hand on her knee. “The whole incident was in the papers. Could we please talk about something less depressing?”

Bridget’s heart sped up from his touch. “Like…like what?”

“I don’t know. Movies, TV, the weather.” He removed his hand from her knee and stroked her fingers. His warmth zinged through her extremities.

Her heart went from double-time to whoa-baby-come-to-mama. She had to stop his advances and sitting with her legs wide open was probably inviting him in. She lowered her knee and straightened. Wrong move. That only gave him more room and he scooted closer.

He smelled good—of soap and wood—and grasped her hand before she could pull it away. “What are you afraid of, Bridget? Did some guy break your heart?”

“Sure, what girl hasn’t had her heart-broken.” She stared at his lips. Would it be so bad if they kissed? Kisses were just kisses, not a commitment. “How is it you’re still free? You a playboy?”

His smile made his eye gleam. “Not a playboy. Never found the right woman. Until…maybe…now.”

He held the back of her head. With the sound of blood rushing in her ears, she closed her eyes. He brushed his lips across hers and she leaned into them. What started out soft gradually became hard, almost as if he was staking a claim. She opened to him and he thrust his tongue in, exploring. He tasted better than she imagined, a mix of beer and pizza and something uniquely him.

He rubbed his thumb against her nipple and she moaned into his mouth. It had been too long since someone had last touched her. She craved everything he had to offer.

Slowly, he trailed his hand down her body, ending at her core. Frozen in place, she gradually thawed as he stroked her. She grew wet for him. Tentatively, she placed her hand on his chest, wishing the shirt would disappear. The buttons were at her fingertips. Could she slip her hand in?

He was nuzzling her neck when her mind cleared. Shit! Charlie was probably in the room.


“I see dead people.” Hell’s bells. That had come out all wrong.


Buy Links (available for pre-order)

Barnes & Noble:

Stacy McKitrick fell in love with paranormal romance, decided to write her own and found her passion in life. She used to work in accounting, now she spends her time with vampires, ghosts, and aliens. Born in California, she currently resides in Ohio with her husband. They have two grown children.

Jennifer Kacey: Why is the erotic genre growing so rapidly?
Saturday, December 27th, 2014

I was asked this the other day. Never thought about it before actually. It was just an “is”. An “is” I am immensely thankful for!

So I sat down and actually thought about it. I have quite a few reasons. So go get a nice cold….err….warm beverage and get comfy.

1. Sex sells. This one is really easy and pretty much genre wide. Sex is awesome. People like it and they like to read about it.

2. The advent of the e-reader. You can be ANYWHERE with an e-reader and you can read ANYTHING without being afraid people will judge you. That’s hot for a lot of people. You could be reading War and Peace, or The Bible, or Debbie does Cleveland. That’s awesome! So as long as you don’t start moaning in the middle of the park you’re all set. Well I guess you can moan in the middle of the park but make sure you know how to cover it with a cough.

3. And since we’re on the topic – let’s talk about people feeling judged. Seriously. I think some people have decided to take it upon themselves as the judge and jury of the entire human race and they are vocal about it. Damn. I wished they’d just shut it. Yeah. That would fix a lot of the problems in the world. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Yes They Are!! No doubt about it. But you know what? THEY DON”T HAVE TO SHARE IT. With social media, forums, blogs, groups, etc. Lots of like-minded people can come together to discuss their favorite books. No judging. Just awesomeness!

4. Empowerment – I think a lot of readers of erotic romance feel empowered by reading things that turn them on. Things that maybe made them feel less than in the past but now their desires are more main stream. Validation is intoxicating.

5. And I’m going to end with More is MORE. I know for me personally soft and sweet romances just don’t do it for me. It’s nice…and all…but it’s just not what I’m looking for to fill my precious free time. And I read one and I NEED another one when I’m done. I NEED to know I have more yummy smut waiting for me.

So to celebrate smutty awesomeness let’s have a giveaway! To one lucky poster I’ll be giving one spanking “giggle” new e-book copy away of Nico’s Curse.

Just leave me a comment below and let me know why erotic books cream your twinkie!!

And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter! Awesome new releases and giveaways and tidbits of yummytastic info about me.

Thanks for reading and here’s a bit of info to tantalize you into giving Nico a chance to win your heart…


Domenico was cursed six long years ago by a witch determined to teach him a lesson. A lesson in life, loss, and understanding that to love is to put someone first…always.

His only escape from his beautiful prison is a dating site called Crossroads. He can choose only one woman a year to contact. One woman to convince, in nothing more than a week, that he’s worthy of her love. But there’s a catch. She must fall asleep during a video chat so he can crawl through his laptop into her world. Then all bets are off.

His curse becomes his salvation when his beautiful submissive Rose is nothing but a dream away.

A Romantica® BDSM erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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Ellora’s Cave

Need a bit more on the kinky and naughty side? I’ve gotcha covered!!

The books in the Members Only Series can be found here…


Together In Cyn
Haleigh’s Ink

A Very Ménage Christmas

Duke’s Valentine

Orgasm University

Accidental Voyeur

Roman’s To-Do List

Laila’s Lies

Jenna’s Consent

Stand Alone


Buried Permission
Beneath the Pages

Nico’s Curse

jk10178312_10203571568597727_1797997400_nJennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her family in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

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Needing inspiration! Send me your suggestions!
Friday, December 26th, 2014

I got nuthin’. Woke up late after a very nice day of excess—big midafternoon dinner, then a lazy evening crocheting on a couch with my dd while the kids played around us. I need a cup of ambition to get going today. I’m trying to do that with music.

Gotye made me want to go back to bed. Enrique’s “Bailando” was more on track. Had to follow with Gypsy Kings–“Bambaleo” and “La Bamba” but then my dance music ran out. Hozier’s “Take Me to Church” is better for late at night. Katy Perry annoys me. David and Disturbed are too…disturbing…right now.

Any suggestions for music that will get my blood going? Oh! I forget I have Bruno’s “Uptown Funk.” That will keep me going for a few minutes. Suggestions, please?

Merry Christmas-Yule-Kwanzaa…! And as always, a question!
Thursday, December 25th, 2014

I don’t like leaving anyone out! I wish everyone a happy holiday!


The Devlin family celebrated yesterday. Two of the grands’ visitation schedules with their other families collided with Christmas, so my dd asked Santa for a favor. He dropped gifts early morning Christmas Eve.

There’s nothing more fun than sending kids early to bed, then listening to them whisper.

“Shhh. We have to go to sleep or Santa won’t come.”

An acorn fell on the metal roof and rattled to the ground.

“Shhhh! Santa’s on the roof!”

My quick-thinking dd did a muffled “Ho-Ho-Ho!” And there was dead-silence. Ten minutes later, we checked. Everyone was snoring.

My daughter loves Christmas. Loves the Elf-on-the-shelf, the German traditions we brought home—St. Nicklaus morning when he leaves coal or a gift in a shoe to forewarn them how Christmas will be and the countdown advent calendar with  its candies or small gifts they get every morning leading up to Christmas. Next year, we’re adding the Christmas spider to the tree.

She asked me, “What will we do when they stop believing?”

“You’ll tell them exactly what I told you—‘Santa stops coming when you stop believing.’ How old were you when you said you didn’t believe?”

“Mom, I never told you I don’t.”


I hope you all have your lovely Christmas traditions. Things you have to do or disappoint your family. Christmas isn’t supposed to be easy. It’s work. It’s time to reflect. It’s a celebration—whatever your beliefs—and children, if you have them, make it precious.

Do you have special rituals? Things your family does that if you skipped, someone would notice and complain? We’re doing our Christmas dinner early afternoon today. That date we couldn’t move. 🙂