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Archive for January 6th, 2015

Delilah’s Random Scavenger Hunt! (Contest)
Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

UPDATE: The winner of the scavenger hunt is…Susan Rollison!

* * * * *

My daughter is producing a PILE of envelopes and packages to mail. Wait! Let me take a picture…


THAT is my office floor. I have to walk through those landmines to get to my desk until she has time to come back and finish up. I called and wheedled her into doing it for me. And she loves monotonous tasks like this, but you should have heard the cursing when she saw just how deep was the stack of requests and prizes she had to handle. Now you know it’s being handled. And you know they’ll go out soon, because I have to reclaim my office!

So, today I won’t add one more thing to her mailing pile. :mrgreen:

We’re having a scavenger hunt! The winner gets his/her choice of download from among my currently available Samhain ebooks.


DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS HERE! Why would you want to help someone else qualify for the prize, huh!?

DO POST HERE SAYING HOW MUCH FUN YOU HAD! Not that I’ll make posting here a requirement to win. I just like knowing that the things I do here are something you enjoy!

So here are the questions. All the answers can be found on my website or on links that exist on my blog page…

1) What is the name of Delilah’s upcoming February release?

2) Which phrase or word appears the largest on my blog’s tag cloud? (Hint: Scroll down the left-hand column to the very end.)

3) What three titles appear on my Bookshelf page?

4) How many series are listed on my Series page AND how many of them only have one entry (meaning more books are to come!)?

5) How many books are listed in my Collections? What was the title of the latest release?

6) Do you subscribe to my blog? (If not, you can do so by scrolling down the left hand column of this page to “Subscribe to Blog via Email.”) Do you subscribe to my newsletter? (If not, that signup is right next to the blog signup!) And lastly, do you follow me on Pinterest? (No, no, no is a perfectly acceptable answer. I won’t ding you!)

And that’s it! REMEMBER! Do not post your answers here! Send them to me privately at: Enjoy!

This contest will end Friday, so there’s plenty of time to play!