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Archive for March 16th, 2015

Afton Locke: Alpha in Disguise – My Pack or Yours?
Monday, March 16th, 2015


Wolves seem to be everyone’s favorite form of shifter, so I was excited to be part of the Black Hills Wolves series. Part of it is probably because wolves look and behave so majestic and wild. But they’re also part of packs. Whereas men like to read about the achievements of male superheroes, women love to read about relationships, families, communities, and small towns. They have “pack mentality.”

In my latest release, Alpha in Disguise, the Black Hills Wolves pack is unique because it lives isolated in such a rugged location. Ogden and Lara’s loyalties to their respective packs make it hard for them to accept each other as mates, but where there is love, there is a way!

Alpha in Disguise by Afton Locke

Unleash the alpha!
Release Date: 6 March 2015
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
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When her mother is shot by a rancher, Lara Wolfe becomes the last Dominant of Yellowstone’s Lamar Canyon pack. Her mother’s dying wish sends her to South Dakota’s Black Hills to find her mate, but Lara would rather continue her mission—saving her pack.

When Ogden Woods, lumber supplier for the Tao pack, offers the newcomer a place to stay, an explosive attraction reveals they’re mates. Afraid of unleashing his inner Dominant and a secret that could get him exiled, he’ll do anything to avoid mating.

Although he begs Lara to stay in Los Lobos where she’ll be safe, she can’t turn her back on her pack. As her mate, Ogden is bound to protect her, but following her means risking his home and his very life. Are they willing to pay the price?

Excerpt (explicit)

Alpha in Disguise – Copyright © Afton Locke, 2015

“Ogden, I came to say good-bye.”

“Damn.” His tanned face turned pale. “Let’s go inside and discuss it.”

Realizing he was fighting to keep his mate, her heart fluttered in her chest. They stepped into his office and closed the door. The room had his stamp all over it.

Bits of wood, tools, dusty papers, and rags littered the worktable, and the air smelled woody and masculine.

But he didn’t seem to have conversation on his mind. Instead, his strong arms slipped around her.

“Don’t go,” he whispered in her hair.

His woodsy scent, mixed with his lust, made her dizzy. Her fingers dug into the back of his coarse cotton shirt. Against her will, her nails clawed the fabric, pulling it out of his jeans. They eyed each other, two predators circling a kill.

“Convince me,” she whispered.

In reply, his mouth surged against hers, the force knocking her back against his file cabinets. His tongue breached her mouth, claiming her so fast her breath faltered. While she tangled her fingers in his tousled chestnut hair, broad hands squeezed her breasts, bringing her nipples to rock-hard points. With her heart thundering in her ears, she unbuttoned her shirt before he could rip the buttons off this one, too.

Panting hard, he paused to ask, “When can you conceive?”

“D-during the full moon,” she replied, struggling for her own breath. “It’s safe now.”

He jerked down the zipper of her jeans and spun her around. “Then hang on!”

As she bent over and grabbed the two nearest metal handles, her swollen breasts tumbled out of her bra. Hot moisture flooded her core. No matter how many penises she allowed inside her, for whatever reasons, she vowed she would only remember his.

“Just this once,” she gasped as he tugged down her jeans. “I can’t stay.”

“It doesn’t work that way,” he ground out as he grabbed her hips, keeping her immobile. “You’re my mate, and you’re going to stay here where you belong.”

The slippery head of his cock brushed her buttocks, scorching her sensitive skin before he plunged it home. He filled her cunt with the force of a sledgehammer, making her cry out. Any doubts she had about the man being a Dominant evaporated.

“You’re no Omega, Ogden Woods.” Her voice cracked as he pulled out and plunged back in. “You’re a Dominant in an Omega’s clothing. Why?”

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