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My May Recap
Sunday, May 31st, 2015

A quick commercial…

The contests from my blogs on Friday and Saturday are still open!
So you still have time to enter! 

* * * * *

It’s rare I have the last day of the month open for myself, but I do now! May passed in a whirl. I think I refound my mojo. The last couple of weeks I’ve been focused like I used to be when I was juggling a full-time job, the Guard, and writing. And I finished working on some things.

Works I completed:

  • I finished writing my m/m firefighter story, Hotter With a Pole, a Firehouse 69 story for Samhain.
  • I wrote a couple of short stories.
  • I wrote Her Next Breath for the SEALs of Summer anthology.
  • And I finished revising Truly, Madly…Deadly, the next Night Fall installment.

May’s Releases:

Under A Blood Moon   WarlordsDestiny_600

NipnTuck_600   TheMorningRide_600

Click on the Covers to Purchase

June will be super-busy as well…

I will release:

  • Truly, Madly…Deadly, Night Fall series
  • Lily’s Last Stand (tentative title), a new short story
  • Knight in Transition, Knight Fall series
  • Bad Moon Rising, Cat Tails story

I’m planning to do the following:

  • I hope to write the remaining chapters of my Cat Tails story.
  • I’ll write a story for the Across the Universe box set.
  • I’ll write Controlled Burn for the 12-Alarm Cowboy box set.
  • And if I can, I hope to write the next Lone Star Lovers book.

And around all of this, I am still helping my daughter. She can’t lift anything heavier than 5 pounds until the end of July, so I have to park at her place and come every time she needs the baby changed, etc. Very distracting, but what can you do?

One good thing is that we finally have the new pool liner installed. The water is only at 80 degrees right now. It takes about half an hour before I break out in welts from the chill (I have cold urticaria). But the water is warming up!

Okay, kind of boring, I know. But it’s nice for me to be able to recap. I can see I had a very productive May. And I’ve said out loud now what I want to do in June. If you see me goofing off, you know what you can nag me about. 🙂

Flashback: In Too Deep (Contest)
Saturday, May 30th, 2015

UPDATE: The winner of the free download is Heather S!

* * * * *

The other night I was at a Facebook party and I asked the question that went something like, “What are your favorite reunion stories, either in film or book?” And then I sat stumped because I couldn’t think of one. I had to think hard whether I had ever written one, and I mentioned one of my Lone Star Lovers books, Unforgiven. But it wasn’t until this morning, when I was trying to figure out what golden oldie I could offer as a flashback, that I remembered I had another…

So, I’ll ask again… What are your favorite reunion stories?

Comment for a chance to win In Too Deep or a short story on this carousel!

* * * * *


Some things never change. And some things change everything.

Triple Horn Brand, Book 2

Gabe Triplehorn can think of no better getaway from his heavy responsibilities at the ranch, than to go back to a time and place where he didn’t have a care in the world. When there was just a campground, a river and a girl.

When he gets to Red Hawk Landing, the campground and the river are still there. He just never expected the girl would still be there too. Only now she runs the place.

Lena Twohig can think of no better place to raise her young son than the family-owned campground that holds so many memories. Especially the romance with Gabe that lit up one long-ago summer like a wild electrical storm. Now he’s back, with a ranch-hardened body she knows she shouldn’t want so badly.

No amount of lies or the years that have passed can tame this tidal wave of passion.

Warning: Contains a flash flood of passion between a cowboy who knows how to pitch a tent and a woman who isn’t afraid to get a little dirty.


The cowboy glanced back through the window and caught her looking. Lena whirled around and stepped off the porch. Her toe caught in the lattice next to the step and she went down hard, bumping down two steps. She landed on one hip, gravel digging into a palm.

Tears pricked her eyes, and she winced at the pain. Worse, the door behind her slammed and heavy booted footsteps stomped down the steps.

When the handsome cowboy came down on a knee beside her, Lena wished the ground would open up and swallow her whole.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

The deep timbre of his voice did a number on her nerves. She shivered.

Something he must have taken for shock, because before she knew it, his hands were under her thighs and behind her back and he lifted her high against his chest.

“Put me down!”

“I will. Soon as I get you inside.”

“I’m too heavy for you to carry.”

“Darlin’ there’s some meat on your bones but not anything I can’t handle.” Read the rest of this entry »

Seven is the Magic Number (Contest)
Friday, May 29th, 2015

UPDATE: The winner is…Lynne Rivet!

* * * * *

Seven is the Magic Number. Six, and I’m wanting a nap in the middle of the day. Eight, and I’m feeling groggy. What am I talking about?

Hours of sleep a night! I need seven! I got them last night and this morning I feel fabulous, and since today’s guest blogger bailed on me, I decided to talk about the thing that was at the top of my mind. Lucky you!

So what is your magic number?

Tell me, and you’ll be entered to win a free short story from the carousel below. I’ll choose two winners!

And if you didn’t know it, I published a new, very sexy shortie yesterday. Here’s a short excerpt…


Click to Buy

A New York commuter shares lustful daydreams with another subway passenger…


When he rose again, he shifted her, urging her to the center of the bed. He cloaked himself then turned her and licked a hot trail down her spine. At her bottom, he bit each cheek. Just hard enough to make her quiver. He kissed her cunt and moved behind her, his cock prodding her then plunging into her.

Sophie screamed, unraveling in a moment. His girth stretched her, his length plundered. Moisture flooded her channel as she bounced back to greet his strokes.

A clap landed on one side of her ass. Loud, but not really hard. It surprised her, made her freeze.

He leaned over back and whispered in her ear. “Did you like that, Sophie? Do you want another?”

Her pussy flooded with moisture, as much from the silky texture of his voice as the warmth of her ass. “Please.”

He straightened and began to thrust into her again, smooth, deep glides that had her passion rising steeply again. A slap landed on the opposite cheek, sharper than the first one. Her pussy clenched his cock. She lowered her middle to lift her ass, begging silently for another.

Again and again, he placed slaps, some hollow-sounding and not too sharp, others flat and stinging. She sobbed, dropping her head to rest it on the cool sheet. This was pure bliss.

At last, he went still and bent, encircling her with an arm and raising her to sit, still impaled on his cock. His hands roamed her breasts, massaging then pinching her nipples. “Use your fingers to tug on them, pull them far and let them bounce back. I want to watch.”

These are all free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers and just $0.99 for everyone else!
To see more of my currently available short stories, check out this page: Short Stories

Teresa Noelle Roberts: Thrill-Kinky
Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Readers who know my work may be a bit surprised to learn that my latest book, Thrill-Kinky, is science-fiction romance. Or maybe they’ll wonder what took me so long to venture into yet another subgenre. I already have paranormal, contemporary and fantasy romances under my belt (and one short historical romance in Delilah’s Conquests anthology), not to mention dark fantasy and short erotica featuring every possible combination of consenting adults having naughty fun.

So why add science fiction romance to this conglomeration, other than the already obvious “I like variety”?

I blame and thank my husband.

I’ve always flown my geek flag proudly. In seventh grade, I turned in a paper written in Tolkien’s Dwarven runes. (My handwriting was too bad to pull off Elvish script.) My first several novels were heroic fantasy, which still live in boxes in my closet, awaiting the time I’m brave enough to reread them and see if there’s anything there to salvage. I worked at Del Rey Books in the eighties and binge-read every fantasy book they published and a lot of the science fiction. But while I went through a stage of reading just about anything that involved wizards, witches, dragons, or people with swords fighting evil, I was fussier about science fiction. A lot of what I picked up seemed to be more focused on technology and (admittedly cool) world building than on characters. The male characters were two-dimensional, the female ones even flatter. With a few exceptions—Ursula LeGuin comes to mind—I preferred my fantasy. Sure, some of the women of fantasy were basically plot devices waiting to be rescued, but Mercedes Lackey! Anne McCaffrey! Guy Gavriel Kay! Even going back to my roots, Tolkien had some impressive women characters and some emotional arcs as epic as the adventures involving swords and sorcery. And of course, there were his delightful, down-to-earth hobbits thrown in among the fierce and mighty.

And then I met Himself, who realized I’d managed to miss out on Star Trek when I was growing up and got me watching both the original and the various spin-offs. From there, we branched out into other science fiction TV shows: Farscape, Babylon 5, and what became my favorite, Firefly. In these series, action was important, but interaction was even more central. You cared about the firefights and the capers and the narrow escapes because you’d come to care about the team of characters, not just because Spaceships are Cool and Aliens are Awesome. I mean, both of these things are true, but Firefly’s spaceship was the space equivalent of someone’s rickety but much loved first car held together with duct tape and bubble gum, and there were no aliens—and the show still captivated me. Himself also got me watching anime, enjoying the completely goofy plotlines and random bits of humor and sexiness in dark scenarios. And then there were the superhero comics and movies…

With all this imagery in my head, it was inevitable I’d try my hand at science fiction sometime—but science fiction my way. With wacky aliens because they’re fun, political complications worthy of Babylon 5 because those interest me more than space battles, and an independent freighter with a motley crew I can imagine drinking with Malcolm Reynolds and the rest of the crew of Serenity at some seedy spaceport bar. There’s also a cat-girl sidekick, thanks to too much anime. Of course there are tough women, handsome men, hot sex and true love, because all that kind of inevitable if I’m writing the book.

And the name of my rickety independent freighter? It’s the Malcolm, a direct bow to Joss Whedon’s wonderful series and its hero, Malcolm Reynolds, a.k.a. Captain Tight-Pants—who would have gotten into different and more fun kinds of trouble if he’d been my character!



Chronicles of the Malcolm,Book 1

Sexual freefall is like a game of chicken, except the first one to let go wins.

Humans may have expanded to the stars, but they still have the annoying need to work for a living. Which is why Rita, crew member of the space freighter Malcolm, is stuck collecting recyclable slag rather than attending her favorite festival celebrating love and sexuality.

Things go from boring to interesting when she discovers a badly injured man who’s been thrown into a recycling bin to die. The catch, he’s gorgeous, winged, and naked.

Drax Jalricki, reformed (mostly) art thief and reluctant covert operative, is on an undercover mission to protect three planets when someone in his own government brands him a traitor. By virtue of association, Rita and her crew are going down with him.

From their first, hide-in-plain-sight quickie, the erotic spark between Rita and Drax is fueled by danger and adrenaline. But their growing suspicion that there’s more to their connection than lust may not matter if they don’t live through the night.

Warning: Hero and heroine who straddle the line of criminal behavior—and definitely violate public indecency statutes. Exhibitionist, dangerous sex. Dark, sordid pasts. Wild risk-taking. Giggly cat-girl sidekick who’s not just another pretty…tail. And the greatest risk of all: true love.

Excerpt (Adult)

Definitely something in the danger-as-aphrodisiac theory, because in a fetid alley, with the law and outlaws both after them and her no doubt out of both a job and a home when the guys found out she’d dumped the slag and abandoned the floater, Rita was getting more turned on than she ever remembered being. She’d been excitable to start with, from the kiss, and from simply being around Drax’s dangerous good looks, but now she could feel herself getting slick, hot, ready for the cock that she could now feel all too well against her bare skin.

And his wings—marling stars, she’d never felt anything like the soft, sensual caress of all those feathers against her back, her ass. So good. His hands gripped and kneaded, and his wings stroked and soothed, and all the while he was kissing her, exploring her mouth with his tongue, sending sparks down the connections from her lips to the mouth of her sex. Her common sense told her they needed to move, couldn’t take the time to play there when the overpriced thugs in the Fiero might show up at any second.

tnrglamour cropped 2Her common sense lost the argument with her libido.

Buy links: Samhain / Amazon / B&N / Kobo /All Romance eBooks / iBooks (iTunes)

Teresa Noelle Roberts started writing stories in kindergarten and she hasn’t stopped yet. A prolific author of short erotica, she’s also a published poet and fantasy writer—but hot paranormals and BDSM-spiced contemporaries were her favorites until she realized science-fiction romances offered new possibilities for outrageous adventure, wild sex and love that overcomes serious obstacles, including being from different species! Find her at, on Facebook, or on Twitter, where she hangs out as @TeresNoeRoberts.

Yolanda Sfetsos: Do you NaNoWriMo?
Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Hi! How are you? I’d like to thank Delilah for giving me the chance to blog over here today.

While most people are still taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo, I’m already thinking about NaNoWriMo. See, Camp NaNoWriMo takes place in April and July, which are awful months for me to get started on a first draft. Both of these months contain two weeks of school holidays, and/or public holidays, maybe even some annual leave. So, they’re not an option for me.

But NaNoWriMo takes place in November, which is a great month for me.

Have you ever taken part? I started taking part in 2006 and have tried to do it every year since then. I think 2011 was the only year that I didn’t because I was too busy editing a book. I love allocating a WIP to the month of November at the same time as a bunch of other writers are doing the same. I mean, I write fast drafts anyway, and get caught up in a first-draft frenzy that can last 4-6 weeks—whatever it takes to get the story out.

So NaNoWriMo isn’t a big stretch for my usual way of writing.

Besides, I think that completing a first draft just before the end of the year is a great accomplishment. And an awesome way to end the year. 🙂

My latest book release was actually a book I wrote during NaNoWriMo 2013. It was just like every other story I write: I had copious amounts of notes (I’m more a note-taker than an outliner), and when November 1st hit I got stuck into writing the story and didn’t stop until I reached The End. By November 30th, I had a new novel ready for revision the next year.

I know there are differing opinions about whether NaNoWriMo is good for writers or not, but I personally think it’s great. First drafts are meant to be messy, a way to get the story out of your head and onto the screen or paper because you can’t ignore it any longer. So, IMO, this is the perfect event to do so.

Have you ever done NaNoWriMo? What was your experience like?

Thanks for reading,



Wife. Mother. Writer. Bibliophile. Dreamer. Animal lover. Intrigued by the supernatural. Horror freak. Zombie enthusiast. Movie & music fan. Slave to her muse.

Yolanda lives in Sydney, Australia with her awesome husband, lovely daughter, and cheeky cat.




She escaped the arena of death, but trusting him might be the death of her.

RECAST, Book 4

Taylor may be the Clash Arena’s most dominant—and only—female gladiator, but today she just can’t catch a break. After winning yet another brutal fight, with the arena inexplicably falling down around her ears, she jumps at the chance to escape the prison of her subterranean pit.

Instead, she finds herself knocked unconscious more times than she can count, and pursued over the edge of a sea cliff by an AI enforcer she can’t shake off her heels.

Walsh has been living a double life, masquerading as a tyrant’s enforcer while hiding his true agenda. When the despicable arena falls, there’s only one thing on his mind—saving the savage blonde who doesn’t trust him as far as she can throw him. Which is a considerable distance.

Once he convinces her he’s not out to kill her but help her survive, they form an uneasy alliance. But Taylor senses he’s keeping a secret, not just from her, but about her. And the truth will show them exactly what it is to be human.

Warning: This book contains some girl-on-girl action, a kick-ass gladiator who takes no crap, an AI who puts it all on the line, a band of misfits who aren’t as merry as they seem, cute tadpoles with sharp teeth, and grip-you-by-the-hair kisses. Strap in, interstellar turbulence is a bitch.

DASH is now available from Samhain Publishing.

Fabulous Two-fer: Free + Viking! (Contest)
Tuesday, May 26th, 2015


I thought I’d lead with that—a maybe-naked Viking standing behind a shield and holdin’ his sword. (My daughter says I have a gift for making everything sound dirty. Says I’ve ruined certain words for her forever–Kelly, moist, moist, moist…)

I love this cover, and I love this book! It’s 62,000-words of yummilicious Vikings! And it’s up for pre-order now for the astonishing price of $0.99! And if you’re a Kindle Unlimited customer, you’re going to get it for free. Both these offers won’t last long, and if you buy now… Okay, now I sound like the Oxi-Clean salesman. But I’m excited about this book, and I can’t wait for you to take a peek inside. It releases July 14th!

This is the buy link: AmazonI was the first to read the stories, because I was the one who chose the stories and did the first edits. So, I know what’s in store for you, but here’s another tease…

Vikings. Fierce warriors who terrified all in their path as they raided and marauded, enslaved and murdered during Europe’s Dark Ages.
But these rough men from a rugged land were also sailors, explorers, craftsmen, and highly sought after mercenaries.

Conquests: An Anthology of Smoldering Viking Romance will transport you to the realm of fantasy where such fearsome and loyal men are relentless potent lovers. Whether the lady of the keep demands a few stolen hours of pleasure with a captured Viking warrior or the handsome Northman is the one seducing his captive, you will find plenty of lusty adventures in settings as far-flung as Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Byzantium, Moorish Spain and the New World.

Let your fantasies run wild to a time when men wearing bearskin shirts and shining iron helms could capture a fierce maiden’s heart!

These are the stories you’ll find inside…

The Captive by Lizzie Ashworth – A captive turns captor when the lady of an English keep commands a few stolen hours of pleasure with a captured Viking warrior

Ásgeirr and the Tree of Life by Mina Murray – Danger and desire collide when a wounded Viking warrior washes ashore on a remote Irish island

A Varangian Guest by Melissa Fuchs – When her brother returns to Constantinople in the company of a warrior from the far north, a widow finds herself drawn to him with irresistible desire

How to Train Your Skjaldmaer by Delilah Devlin – A Viking jarl tricked into marrying a shieldmaiden sets out to tame his fiery bride

The Viking’s Prize by Emma Jay – Treachery and desire greet a Viking warrior who travels to the coast of Newfoundland to broker peace with the indigenous tribes

There for the Taking by Nym Nix – A captive is seduced by her Viking captor as he couples with an amorous shieldmaiden whilst she is left to watch

Sweet Silk by Megan Mitcham – A Viking returns to Persia years after saving a merchant from certain death to retrieve the child-bride awarded him–yet never claimed

Little Warrior by Evey Brett – A woman braves a pair of daunting shieldmaidens and her father’s wrath in order to take her sister’s place as bride to a Viking warrior

Protecting Her by Regina Kammer – A Byzantine noblewoman seeking refuge in a monastery loses her heart to an invader when Constantinople is sacked by the Rus

Enslaved by Elle James – A conquering Viking vows to tame his sassy Celtic slave–if she doesn’t kill him first

The Oak and the Ale by Beatrix Ellroy – A businesswoman trying to secure trade routes for her family instead finds love with a crippled warrior

New Words by Teresa Noelle Roberts – An Andalusian Arab poet learns that her new Northman husband is more than just a handsome barbarian

The Needle and the Strap by Bibi Rizer – A young man hasn’t lived up to the Viking standards of his brave and ruthless kinsmen–until he rescues a wild and wicked shieldmaiden from a burning ship


So where does the contest come in?

You have to do something to earn your chance to win! I want you to go to the brand new Conquests website and scroll down while looking at the left-hand column. Sign up to receive our blogs via email. (I do have a way to check the names!) And then come back here and tell me in the comments that you’re signed up. And if you want to tell us how excited you are about this anthology, my day would be made!

The prize? A $10 Amazon gift card.

Lest We Forget…
Monday, May 25th, 2015

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone enjoys the day with family and good food! But before you eat, how about thinking of the fallen soldiers, sailors, and airmen the day is meant to honor…


Delilah Devlin
US Army in her former life 🙂