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Carol Braswell: Justin’s Gamble and Halloween
Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

Thank you Delilah for inviting me to your blog. It is an honor and pleasure to be here.

It’s October. One of my favorite months. The colorful leaves are falling like a slow rain, air has cooled off, and the grandkids are getting excited for Halloween.

We are big on Halloween in my house. We start looking for scary costumes in August. The scarier the better. On the big day, the little guys show up around four to wow me. Of course, I pretend to faint from fright and then invite them in for pizza. By six, we head through the neighborhood to trick or treat every house that has a light on.

I’ve often wondered what the kids would do if the resident asked them to do a trick first. Anyway, when the bags are full and my feet are ready to fall off, we come back to grandma’s house to check out the loot and have dessert. The kids love it. I do, too.

Besides spending time with my hubby and grandkids, I love to write. In the last three years I have published three books in a series. All three are stand-alone. The final book in the Garrett series, Justin’s Gamble is a sexy, fast-paced, suspenseful romance.
cbjustin's gamble

An annual veterinary convention in Las Vegas turns into anything but routine for Justin Garrett. Bored, tired, and a little too much to drink, Justin left the ho-hum conversations in the Blue Room to get fresh air before going to his room for the night. His short walk for a break is interrupted by a beautiful damsel in distress. He learns pretty quick she’s not what she seems when he is ordered to perform a service for a biker gang and their leader who is running an illegal dog fight. When his expert doctoring fails, he believes his life is over. He is beaten unrecognizable, and shoot trying to hide from the evil men. Unable to locate him, the bikers believe he is dead or dying and leave him for the buzzards. It didn’t matter. He’s lost, bleeding, and alone in a remote area. He was going to die, anyway.

Mara had been on the streets of Vegas since she was sixteen. She had seen a lot of things but nothing compared to the gentle hands and medical skills of the handsome vet. He had worked tirelessly to save the wounded animal. She had to find him and see if he was still alive. She watched the bikers leave the secluded desert and fired up her Harley. Even though she finds and saves him, she underestimated the threat of her ex-boyfriend and his gang of bikers.

They have to get out of Vegas and back to the safety of Justin’s ranch in Texas. Around every corner the pair have to run for their lives.

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I’m excited about the next few months, discounting cooking Thanksgiving dinner and shopping for Christmas. My next book is titled, My Name is Grace.  It is totally different from the Garrett Series. It is a love story that is an emotional rollercoaster. Grab your tissues. Faith, hope, and belief is all Grace has left after waking up on a railroad track, bruised and battered, with no memory. Of course, there is murder and crime involved that leaves a tall, sexy, small-town sheriff scratching his head. The book ends with a huge surprise. I can already hear you saying, “I didn’t see that coming.” I will have it out within the next couple of months. Watch for it.

Carol Braswell