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Delilah’s October Wrap-up and What’s Coming in November
Monday, November 2nd, 2015

I can hardly believe its already November! I blinked and October was gone. So much happened. And can I remember it? It’s a blur, except, of course, for Halloween, because, hey, I have the pictures.


Yes, these are the little ones I talk about sometimes here.

But the rest? I wrote a novella, wrote a short story, edited four stories for others, revised one of my own. Below, you’ll see the books I published in October—just in case you missed one! I also participated in our local artists’ tour, which had me busy making/painting things and ate three days of my life as I manned my table with my dd.

This month? Well, for one, it’s NaNoWriMo! Whee! I committed to writing 50,000 words this month—that’s 1677 words a day. Doesn’t sound like much when put that way, but with everything else happening, sometimes new pages come last. I currently have one editing job that needs to go out the door. Who knows what else will come my way. I have two of my own older stories that need revising and re-pubbing. I have at least two novella-length stories I have to write this month, plus I’d love to add a shorty. And there’s a family trip to Virginia…

Anyway, take a look at November’s releases too, including one coming tomorrow! All three are up for pre-order! Love SEALs, cowboys, and things that go bump in the night? You’re in for a treat!

And for any authors who might be interested, I have a two-week course beginning today: Rose’s World Building Workshop.

October Releases

KnightsEdition_600Knight EditionNight Fall, Book 5Sidney Coffey, Seattle’s “News at Nine” girl, uncovers the scoop of a lifetime and her ticket into serious journalism. The only problem is—without proof, no one’s going to believe the victims of recent gang killings are in fact undead and vampires!With her gut telling her there’s an even bigger story lurking beneath the surface, she decides to beard a reclusive vampire master in his den for an interview. But meeting the master only complicates things. For a woman with a voracious sexual appetite, the tall, dark and gloomy vamp proves an irresistible challenge.When a reporter trespasses on his estate, Navarro is at first amused then annoyed that the little baggage is close to putting together the pieces of a dangerous plot involving an old enemy and a group of murdered geneticists. To keep her safe, Navarro issues an erotic invitation he won’t let her refuse.
Love, Lust and ZombiesLove, Lust and Zombies
Includes my heart-tugging story, “Still”.Let’s face it: zombies are hot, and baby, they’re getting hotter. Although not the most traditional of sex symbols, zombies are truly coming into their own, even landing on the silver screen in romantic roles, not to mention ambling and shambling across the pages of novels and television screens. Gone are those one-dimensional scary characters from George Romero’s grim and gruesome flick Night of the Living Dead. Zombies now have a lot more to offer to the non-zombie world.From the bestselling novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies to the hit TV series The Walking Dead, zombies are taking over as a source of entertainment. So isn’t it about time they had their more…err… romantic and sexy sides showcased? Mitzi Szereto wrote the sex back into Pride and Prejudice and her new Love, Lust and Zombies will warm the coldest among us with stories so daring they can even raise the dead!
HowtoTrainYourSkjaldmaer_600How to Train Your SkjaldmærA Viking jarl tricked into marrying a shieldmaiden sets out to tame his fiery bride…

Coming in November

FamilyValues72lgFamily Values
Lone Star Lovers, Book 8
Coming November 3Angelina Flores lived a perfect ranch-kid childhood, complete with three princes on horseback who treated their housekeeper’s daughter like a princess. At age eighteen, the fairytale came crashing down when she realized she had to choose between Brand, Nate and Eli McAffee.And when she did choose one—she lost all three.She’s older now. Wiser, thanks to her college education and a few years’ distance. A distance she’d planned to maintain…until her mother begs her to fill in at the ranch while she takes care of a sick relative.The minute her boots hit the front porch, the memories come flooding back, right along with the hunger. It’s tough to put the past behind her when temptation is so close. Especially since the brothers seem bound and determined to woo her. Separately. Together. Whatever it takes to keep her right where she belongs—in their arms.
DreamofMe_600Dream of Me
Uncharted SEALs, Book 4
After losing her partner and lover in a shootout, New Orleans police officer Aislin Dupree is tormented by memories of the past and the day she lost Marc LeBrun. At her darkest hour, she discovers that Marc had planned a romantic getaway on a Caribbean island before his death . All expenses paid. She decides to take the trip, hoping the island getaway will help her come to terms with her sorrow. Instead, she meets a man, a friend of Marc’s from his time served as Navy SEAL.

Sam Blalock is like Marc in so many ways that he makes her ache for what she once had. Strong, rugged Sam is her rock, holding her when she breaks, encouraging her to move on, because he knows about the pain of loss and the horror of violence all too well. She soon finds her waking hours consumed by Sam while she roams her dreams in search of Marc. As the time approaches for her to go home, she’s afraid to let go of the connection she’s found, and she fears she might be holding onto Sam for all the wrong reasons while she imagines another reality where dreams do come true.

NightFallonDarkMountain_600Night Fall on Dark Mountain
Night Fall, Book 6
Coming November 17After the death of one of the members of the super-secret police unit aligned with the Vampire Council in southern Florida, werewolf Max Weir becomes the chief suspect. Sure a greater villain has used a were-clan’s hatred of vamps to strike against the unit, Max travels to the mountains of North Carolina to seek the truth and hopefully renew the centuries-old truce between the weres and vampires.Alec Weir has a problem on his hands. The new sheriff on Dark Mountain must walk a fine line between upholding were-clan laws and saving his vamp-loving brother from certain death. Alec must find the traitor in the clan responsible for the attack on the vampires or watch his brother die. If that wasn’t enough, his chosen mate, Stasia McGwyre, seems to still hold a candle for Max.

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