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Archive for November 4th, 2015

Carol Shenold: Fairies, Murder and Magic, Oh My — How I Got Here
Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

cdCarol_0434Thanks, Delilah for inviting me to your blog and hi to all you writers and readers out there. My name is Carol Shenold and I write Paranormal Mystery as well as Urban Fantasy.

Once upon a time I thought I wanted to write romance, sweet girl next door stories. Boy gets girl, loses girl, gets girl. I tried really hard. Struggled. Thought it should be easy. Not so much.

So I had to re-evaluate. Remember the old, “”Write what you know, write what you read.”

Guess what? I read mystery, horror, urban fantasy, paranormal. Always have, since I read horror comics as a kid. My grandmother used to tell us horror stories for bedtime stories. Mother was horrified when she found out. When I tried to write sweet, I was missing tools I liked like a murder, ghost or two, spare werewolf. When I added in the action, murder and paranormal elements, it worked for me. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m a hybrid and so is my character, Ande.

My first published book, Privy to Murder, takes place in a small Texas town, single mother, murder and an extremely annoying ghost. I have two Tali Cates books published and another in the works.

I like fantasy and got hooked on Urban Fantasy when I read the Dresden Files series. Had to try it, putting fairies and werewolves together with politics and wizards in Dallas. My character, Ande,  is named for a Celtic Queen, Warrior, Boudicca Andreas. Ande Ryan is half Fae, half witch, with scary flying skills.  She is no Tinkerbell and she learns to respect Mother Nature, “Remember what she did to the dinosaurs.” The first book, a novella, is called Fairy Dust and the second in the Ande Ryan series, “Bloody Murder” was released in September with Wild Rose Press.


A sadistic serial killer is staking fairies with iron and taking their wings. Ande Ryan is on the case as part of the Paranormal Investigation Unit. Being forced to work alongside her werewolf former lover, Cal, has made the case even more problematic. Now, she must deal with her difficult Fae half sister—who she didn’t know existed—as well as the possibility that she might have to keep the dark forces from taking over the world.

Can her special gifts of The Sight and the Titania amulet help her overcome her fear of failure in time to save mankind?

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